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Who are the parents of Sheyla Rojas

Sheyla Rojas He is one of the most popular and controversial figures on Peruvian television. Since its inception in “Combat”, Until her departure from“ You are in all ”due to the scandal with soccer player Luis Advíncula, the beautiful model has been successful and made one mistake or another, although she has always had the unconditional support of her parents. Who are they? Here we tell you.

The call ‘Crazy lioness‘, who today, turned into an influencer, sports a voluptuous figure, has paraded with relative success on several programs, as a contest and as a television host, with her parents as guardians of each of her steps, as well as their relationships, even Now that he lives in Mexico next to a new love.

Sheyla Rojas’ parents live in Chiclayo and have always been very close. His mother is called María Rosa Rivadeneira and his father Víctor Rojas, who is a lawyer by profession. The couple is 50 years old and has six children. Shey- Shey is the youngest and that is why they always give her their protection.

Sheyla Rojas’ parents have always shown support and love for their daughter and have become true ‘lions’ when it comes to defending her, when they have felt that she is attacked or in danger. An example is when Don Víctor Rojas threatened to file a complaint against the sister of the bullfighter Antonio de Pavón, when she said that the popular “crazy lioness” was not a good mother to Antoñito.

Another of the few times that I can see the model’s parents was when they participated, in 2019, in the televised ceremony of Pedro Moral’s request for the hand of Sheyla Rojas. They said at that time that they had been married for 48 years and were affectionate. The emotion for her daughter’s commitment was evident, although it did not finally reach the altar.

On one occasion, María Rosa Rivadeneira, who is affectionately called Maruja, commented on a television program that she loves her grandson very much and was very excited to see the results of the operations on little Antoñito, who was improving.

The model has shown a lot the love she has for her parents and has not hesitated to make public what she feels for them. On one occasion, he even made videos for social networks with his father, who he says “is the best father, grandfather and husband in the world.”

Chiclayana Sheyla Rojas, 34 years old and 1.72 tall, began as a host and model and later became a participant in competitive reality shows such as Combate and Esto Es Guerra. Then he made a leap to the conduction of These in All, but he must have left in the middle of his love scandals. In that journey of his life, he had several relationships and romances, but now he enjoys his love for the Mexican in Guadalajara.

That love was found by Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, known as Sir Winston, with whom Sheyla has been in a relationship since April 2021. ‘Shey-Shey’ has also denied that she is a “buchona”, a nickname that drug brides receive in Mexico . Sir Winston, he clarifies, is a businessman who ventures into the construction industry and is a native of Zacatecas.

Sheyla Rojas He began his career on television as a participant in “Combate”, a program that allowed him to become very popular. But, how was the casting to enter the Peruvian reality show?

It was in the program “Hola a Todos”, in 2016, when the model appeared and there they reminded her of her beginnings and her great entrance to the small screen in 2011. Rojas participated in her first casting for the program “ Combat ”of ATV at 23 years old.

“I am Sheyla Rojas and I am 23 years old. I am from Chiclayo. I like to go to the gym, play volleyball, run, and skate. I consider myself a fun, happy girl, “she said at that audition.

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