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Who Got Eliminated in ‘Age is Just a Number’? [GoldDerby LIVE BLOG]

Tonight on “MasterChef,” the multigenerational chefs are tasked with creating a stunning dish using a variety of aged and fermented ingredients. With the safety of an immunity pin, the winner of last week’s challenge chooses a generation to incorporate a surprise ingredient into their dishes. The chef with the best dish will earn an immunity pin and protect the remaining chefs within their generation from elimination in the all-new “Age is Just a Number” episode of “MasterChef: Generations” airing Wednesday, July 10 (8:00-9:02 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Season 14 of “MasterChef” brings together amateur cooks from four generations – Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Z, and Gen X – to prove that age does not matter in the kitchen. Judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich eliminate contestants each week until one winner is crowned with the title of MasterChef and the $250,000 grand prize.

Previously on “MasterChef,” the contestants were faced with their first mystery box challenge where they were presented with a childhood photo of themselves and tasked with creating a restaurant-worthy dish that highlights their favorite nostalgic comfort foods from their youth. Baby Boomer Rebecka won the night with her meatloaf, while Millennial Si was sent home for his subpar Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Soup. Let’s see who goes home next!

The home cooks enter the kitchen for their second challenge. Once again, the person with the best dish of the night will win an immunity pin next week and save their entire generation from tonight’s elimination. Rebecka, who won the last challenge for the Baby Boomers, will sit out. Gordon explains that tonight they’ll cook with aged foods — some of the most costly and challenging ingredients to cook with in the entire world. Each home cook must use at least two aged ingredients. Halfway through tonight’s cook, Rebecka will get to sabotage one generation by throwing in a surprise third aged ingredient. Their 60 minutes start now!

Sunshine reveals this type of cooking is not new for her. In Native American culture they use a lot of preserving techniques, so she’s thrilled to be making a dry-aged ribeye. Kamay is making a similar dish, so it will be interesting to see who does it better! Chris is making a duck à l’orange with aged duck breast. Gordon says the most exciting part of this challenge is the “depth of flavor,” and adds, “from a chef’s point of view, the flavor profile goes onto another level.” Aged duck, for example, is gamier and less fatty, so the chef needs to be very precise. Becca is working on hers, with Gordon warning to make sure her duck fast “crisps up nicely” and the secret to duck is “making sure it’s rested.” Jeet is working on pancetta kimchi fried rice, hoping the dry-aged ingredients shine. Murt is another chef making a ribeye (it’s a popular protein tonight). Joe reminds the young home cook that he was in the bottom three last week, so today is a big day for him. Next Joe walks by Becca’s station and simply utters, “I’m not sure if that’s gonna work,” and walks away. No nonsense Joe!

As the judges reconvene at the head of the kitchen, Joe tells Gordon and Aarón that Becca’s on a sinking ship with her technique to render duck fat. “That fat’s gonna boil and steam,” he warns. Becca begins to panic as Joe utters, “She should get a plan B,” and Gordon asks, “What is she doing?”

With 20 minutes remaining, the judges circulate the kitchen again. Fatima is using the aged salmon and explains she’s making a kimchi fish bowl with spaghetti. The Gen Z-er explains to Gordon she had a viral TikTok with a salmon bowl once that garnered six million views. Gordon says it sounds delicious. Anna is working on an aged snapper with chorizo sauce. She explains she’s “trying to take it to Spain,” even though she’s a native of Ukraine. Aarón warns her to cook the meat more. Christopher is also making snapper, and Gordon tells the Baby Boomer to “focus on the execution” and make sure it’s plated well.

Halfway through tonight’s cook it’s time to reveal Rebecka’s advantage. It’s time to unveil the secret aged ingredient — stilton cheese. Adam asks, “What the f is stilton?” After giving it some careful thought, Rebecka decides to throw this twist at Gen X, calling them “her biggest competition.”

Sunshine says she is “overwhelmed” by the disadvantage and has no idea what to do with the bitter cheese. Joe says stilton is just a “more intense” version of blue cheese. More mold, dryer, saltier, and it should be used judiciously. Gordon warns Sunshine to get her ribeye cooked. She hasn’t even started it with 20 minutes left on the clock. Kimberly reveals that when she was younger she spent summers in France and ate this cheese every day. She thinks it will go well with her mashed potatoes. Over at the Boomer station, Warren explains his aged New York Strip dish, which sounds promising. As time winds down, the home cooks must begin to plate their dishes. Who has nailed this age challenge? And who will be next on the chopping block?

The judges walk around the kitchen to scope out the best and worst dishes of the night. They call forward the best dish from each generation first. Representing Gen Z is Becca, who was heavily criticized earlier by Joe. She managed to turn things around, presenting her Dry Aged Duck Breast with Aged Prosciutto, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Kale, and Aged Balsamic Gastrique. Joe says it looks “professionally plated.” The cook on the duck is perfect and it tastes delicious. Aarón says Becca “hit it on the mark.” Joe says it’s seasoned well and balanced.

The top dish from the Millennials belongs to Anna. She serves the judges Oil-Poached Aged Snapper with Aged Chorizo Sauce and Lemon Herbed Fregola. Gordon calls it “elegant” and “restaurant-quality.” The fish is cooked perfectly and the garnish “lights that fish up.” All three judges love it.

The top dish on Gen X belongs to Kimberly, who presents her Dry Aged Duck Breast with Stilton & Chive Mashed Potatoes, Blueberry & Orange Sauce, and Prosciutto Chip. Aarón says Kimberly respects ingredients like nobody else in the kitchen. The potatoes are “fantastic.” Joe calls the marmalade the highlight of the dish, but Gordon thinks the duck is “delicious.”

Last up, representing the Baby Boomers is Warren with his Dry Aged New York Strip with Cauliflower & Aged Pecorino Puree and Arugula & Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad. Joe says the cook on the steak looks amazing, but he doesn’t quite understand why there’s a boiled egg on the plate. The steak is cooked perfectly and the puree is delicious. Aarón calls it “old-school in the best of ways.”

The judges deliberate and the winner of this challenge is Anna! It’s a much-needed win for the Millennials after losing a teammate last week. Anna will take the immunity pin for next week, and the Millennials are all safe tonight.

The first bad dish of the night belongs to Fatima on Gen Z. She made Aged Salmon and Kimchi Balls with Spaghetti and Miso Buttered Asparagus. Gordon says, “It doesn’t look very appetizing,” and she didn’t do her salmon any justice. The seasoning on the salmon is good, but it just doesn’t work. Aarón says the salmon is moist and could be her “saving grace.” Joe calls all of the flavors “mass confusion.”

The worst cook on Gen X tonight is Sunshine. She serves Dry Aged Ribeye with Mushroom & Pecorino Gratin and Brussels Sprouts with Aged Pancetta. Aarón says it looks like something from a “middle of the road steakhouse.” The steak is “way too raw.” Joe says everything is “much too heavy” and the potatoes are undercooked. There’s a storm brewing for Sunshine.

The worst Baby Boomer dish is Christopher’s Steamed Aged Snapper with Aged Kimchi Puree and Miso Broth. Joe says it looks like it was plated at a buffet line. It’s “so unappealing.” The fish is cooked beautifully, but the puree doesn’t suit the dish.

After a tough deliberation, the judges must send someone home. The second cook leaving the competition is Sunshine, taking Gen X down to four competitors. Next week, teams will pair up cooking 101 meals for a pro soccer team.

Source: FOX