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Who Is Adam's Famous Relative?

Who Is Adam’s Famous Relative?

Who is Adam’s celebrity relative on Season 3 of Claim to Fame? He has entered the show with a distinct voice and a calm yet engaging demeanor, ready to play the game. Many guesses were made about his connection, but it has now been confirmed. So, who is his celebrity relative, and how are they related?

Season 3 of Claim to Fame began on Wednesday, July 10, and already, houseguests are being revealed. Some contestants are using false names or nicknames to mislead viewers and fellow players. Despite their efforts, significant digging has exposed many cast members. Mackenzie, Hud, and Bianca were among those quickly identified, with Bianca being sent home on the first night. Dedrick’s celebrity relative was exposed even before the show aired. Now, Adam’s connection has been unveiled.

Adam shared clues that his celebrity relative was his uncle, best known as an actor, and a Grammy winner. However, the actor part was misleading; his uncle is indeed a Grammy winner but not an actor. Social media, especially Twitter/X, buzzed with guesses, many pointing towards Michael Bolton:

Indeed, they were correct. Adam is the nephew of Michael Bolton, with Adam’s mother being Michael’s sister.

In a March 2018 article from Zip06, Adam Christoferson discussed his deep connection to music and its impact on his life. A native of Connecticut, Adam has dedicated himself to helping kids through music. He operates Musical Intervention (MI) in New Haven, providing support to those in need. His passion for music sparked at a young age, significantly influenced by his uncle Michael Bolton, who supported Adam’s family during tough times.

Michael Bolton has won two Grammy Awards and is renowned for his hit songs, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “How Can We Be Lovers,” and “Can I Touch You…There?” He also gained attention in the world of reality TV through connections with RHOBH star Lisa Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin. Hamlin was previously married to Nicollette Sheridan, who later had a relationship with Michael Bolton. Though they parted ways, Nicollette’s subsequent marriages kept Michael’s name relevant on Bravo. Now, Michael Bolton returns to the spotlight once more via his nephew’s appearance on Claim to Fame.

Did you have any idea that Adam was related to Michael Bolton? Share your thoughts and catch Claim to Fame on Wednesdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

Source: TV Shows Ace