Who is Adrián Álvarez? The Grandfather of Ángela Aguilar and Father-in-Law of Pepe Aguilar

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The Aguilar family is mourning the loss of Adrián Álvarez, father of Anelíz Álvarez and father-in-law of Pepe Aguilar, who died during a trip to Acapulco, Mexico on March 25. Social media was buzzing with speculation about the identity of the deceased, who had a close relationship with Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar. Unfortunately, the deaths of celebrities continue to be common these days, and the loss of Adrián Álvarez is felt deeply by his family.

There are still many unknowns about the details of his death, as Aneliz Álvarez, Pepe Aguilar’s wife, only announced the news via social media. The family did not gather in a hospital or clinical facility. Although the details are still unclear, Aneliz posted some snapshots of the family’s final goodbyes to her father on her personal Instagram account, saying, “The saddest memory of Acapulco… Rest in peace, dad.”

The post received thousands of reactions and condolences, including from fellow celebrities such as Ana Bárbara and Poncho Arocha. Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar also posted their own emotional farewells to their “handsome grandpa” via social media.

Adrián Álvarez was not well-known to the public, as he intentionally stayed out of the media spotlight. According to Pepe Aguilar, his father-in-law was from Chihuahua, Mexico and married Eva Mendoza. Their daughter, Aneliz Álvarez, later became the wife of the regional singer. Although Aneliz lived and grew up in Argentina with her parents, the paternal grandparents of Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar had already been living in Mexico for a long time.

The loss of Adrián Álvarez is a sad reminder of how precious our time with loved ones is. Our thoughts are with the Aguilar family during this difficult time.

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