Who is Adrian Mellon? It Chapter 2 Facts Revealed

Ever since IT: Chapter 2 hit theatres, there was quite a buzz surrounding the movie. People would often talk about its casting, the plot, and of course, the most effective scenes. While the second chapter of the movie has many shots that work well for varied reasons, none could match the impactful scene that made the opening with Adrian Mellon.

Adrian Mellon is a minor character in the movie. He is also the love interest of Don Hagarty. Adrian is found as the first victim of Pennywise, who has just reawaken. It is his death at the hands of IT that leads Mike Hanlon to call the others back.

So, what is this opening scene about? Let us know.

The Devastating Opening Scene of IT: Chapter Two

In the movie’s opening scene, Mellon is seen at a carnival with his partner, Don. The carnival is hosted in Derry, the same town where both films and book events occur. The couple seems to be happy enough at the start. But it is made clear that the town is not open to gays and many of its residents have a violent homophobic attitude.

The three homophobic teens are introduced: Webby Garton, Chris Unwin, and Steven Bishoff Dubay. Unwin first approaches the couple after they are found kissing by the trio. He spits on the ground before the duo stands, followed by Webby intervening to intimidate the couple.

Mellon and Hagarty get intimidated and decide to leave the carnival. Once again, they are alone for the time being. As they walk across a beach, Hagarty talks to his partner about leaving the homophobic town. The couple is still followed by the teens. Mellon retaliates with cheeky remarks towards Webby.

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The incident gets violent when the three teens start assaulting the couple brutally. When it is found that Mellon is asthmatic, the situation worsens. He hopelessly reaches for his inhaler but throws it over the bridges and is sent floating down the river. The three bullies flee the scene.

Hagarty doesn’t waste a single moment pursuing his partner, hoping to rescue him. It is when the audience catches the first glimpse of the antagonist, Pennywise. The Dancing Clown lifts Mellon’s flailing body from the rapid currents of the river but bites part of his ribcage clean off. The killer clown is going for the heart. Hagarty is left helpless, watching the whole scene in horror and despair.

Who had thought that the movie’s opening scene would be so terrifying?

The homophobic connotations and the clown’s arrival left the audience feeling disgusted.

Who Plays Adrian Mellon in the IT: Chapter Two

The screen appearance of Adrian Mellon is not so long; however, immensely impactful.

The character is played by Xavier Dolan. The Canadian actor, filmmaker, and costume designer has done many quality roles in his entire acting career. The actor is in his late twenties but doesn’t like being reminded about his age. He is highly ambitious, and his work highlights depth and maturity.

Dolan already has five films under his belt. All of his movies have been screened at major film festivals worldwide, including Cannes and Venice.

Some Behind-the-Scenes Facts about IT: Chapter Two

Both the parts of the movie have received a good reception in the cinemas. The sight of Pennywise still manages to put the kids and even adults scared. Here are some behind-the-scenes facts about the movie you would love to read.

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The Inspiration Behind Mellon’s Death

Let’s all agree that Mellon’s death is one of the most gruesome moments of the movie. The entire scene is inspired by the murder of Charlie Howard in Bangor, Maine, in 1984.

The Bathroom Scene had Gallons of Fake Blood

Making a horror movie means collecting a lot of fake blood that any director would need from time to time shooting the scenes. IT: Chapter Two is one of the most expensive horror movies in cinematic history. Apparently, it holds a record-breaking 4,500+ gallons of fake blood during the bathroom scenes.

The team had to paint the walls with blood with a tidal wave of internal fluids.

When the Antagonist Took his Role Too Seriously

The villain of the movie, Pennywise, is played by Bill Skarsgard. Interestingly, the actor took his role too seriously. He would warm up and get into the character of Pennywise in a secluded tent. The actor would also have his final touches done and sometimes let out an evil laugh to feel the character.

The Vomit Scene Almost Made an Actor Pass Out

IT movies feature many creepy, icky, slimy, and gross moments. One of the nasty scenes in Chapter Two was when Eddie, played by James Ransone, gets a face full of puke from a deranged leper-like figure he fights with. The scene is sickly, and it sure affected the actor while filming it.

In an interview, James admitted that the moment was so disgusting that he nearly passed out.

The Author Had Some Suggestions

The author of the book, Stephen King, specifically asked the director to add two scenes to the movie. The first one was where Paul Bunyan chases young Riche. The second scene is where the Derry Standpipe collapses and rolls down the hill at the end of the book. Sadly, the makers did not add the second scene in the movie.

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The Actors Improvised the Pomeranian Scene

Although Bill Hader is a well-established comedic actor and improviser, he did not get many chances to show his quick wit in Chapter Two. However, the actor did get a couple of chances to riff.

In one of the movie’s scenes, Hader’s Richie and James’ Eddie find themselves in the company of a Pomeranian. The baffled reactions of the characters were not insincere. According to the actor, he improvised the entire scene with his screen partner. He produced an odd moment of fun in the middle of this intense, extra-long horror movie.

The Director Had to De-Age the Kid Actors

Finn Wolfhard, the actor in the movie that the director had to use CGI and soften the actor’s facial features, for he had grown so much since the first part.

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