Who Is Afton Smith?

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Movies have created a significant impact on the minds of people. Especially the sequels movies, which have a separate fan following worldwide. This is not restricted to one country; all planets are fans of the sequel movies. And if the film holds a different concept, then it is excellent for the people as they learn something different about the world.

Mummy is one such movie. No one in the world has not seen this movie. It is a great movie which has made the actors famous. The famous actor who played the lead role in the mummy movie has yet to be discovered. After the film went on the floor, his fan following has increased considerably. 

His fans want to know more about him and her life apart from the movie. But he again came on the news when his wife, Afton Smith, decided to give him a divorce. They both have a beautiful relationship, but indeed they got separated. In this article, we will learn all about her wife, Afton smith. 

Afton Smith Biography

Who Is Afton Smith?

Afton Smith is an American actress. She is, however, more popular in the name of being the wife of Brendan Fraser. They had separated their ways twelve years before, but still, people remember them as a single entity. He is famous after his primary project, mummy. He has played a lead role in the trilogy of the mummy series. 

Afton is also an actress. She is famous for her big projects like  George in the jungle. The movie was released in 1997. The main idea behind the film was based on the comic Tarzan. Sam Wilson was the director of the movie. He made the ebay movie as he was a great fan of Tarzan and was apprised. He has got appreciation from the critics, and people also love his project. 

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Afton was born in Northport, New York, USA. Her birthdate is December 3, 1967. There needs to be more information about her mother and father as she got famous very late. After marriage, she came to notice people. Thus there needs to be more information about her previous life. Moreover, she was also not very open about her parents. There is also no information about her siblings either.

She has completed her primary education in the local area. She has completed her matriculation from the same school. She later went to a Canadian university to complete her graduation. She completed her graduation from Canada in 1989. According to her birth date, she belongs to the Sagittarius sunshine. She is heterosexual. She is of the white race and holds American nationality. 

Afton Smith Marriage Life

Who Is Afton Smith?

Smith and Brendon married each other on September 27, 1998. They have known each other for a very long time. They started their relationship with a sweet friendship. Later when they started feeling comfortable with each other, they took the connection to the next level. They started dating. Their dating rumors filled the focus. 

They were a sweet couple. They try to keep their relationship private initially, but it does not happen. Many critics started following him, and people were interested in their relationship. They finally took a step further and exchanged their vows. Their wedding location was hotel bel air, los Angeles, California. 

The pair lives in a happy relationship. They have three children. Son’s name is griffin Arthur Fraser, holden fletcher Fraser, and leland francis fraser. They had a beautiful life. They have three great-children. But because of some personal issues, they both split in 2008. They tried to keep the relationship healthy but could not succeed.

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After separating, they did not get any media coverage for their affairs. The media tries to remove the spice between the pair, but they were happy in their single life. They remained friends and often met at public parties, but they were not backed into their relationship romantically. Even after the divorce, they were not seen with any other man for long. 

Afton Smith Physical Status

Afton is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. Back then, she gained much praise because of her beauty. She has many roles because of her acting talent and lovely, charming personality. Even after 50 years, she has maintained her physical appearance. She is on a strict diet and doesn’t like putting on any extra weight. 

She has dramatically maintained her figure and is still one of the most beautiful personalities in the world. People still praise her for her beauty. She is still a part of the movie industry. Many producers approach her to be on the move. She is open in her projects and what she does. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a yellow color and no wrinkles. 

She is strict with her exercise plan. He regularly follows gyms and other relaxing therapies to make her body and mind fit. She is one of the epitome of aging in today’s world. She has a pear-shaped body. Her weight is 60 kg, which is typical for her age and height. Her body measurement is 38-40-40. 

She is a natural beauty. She loves to keep her makeup in a very minimal base. She has a bold personality which is evident in her lifestyle too. She makes her look bold by applying bold red lipstick. Rest she has beautiful eyes. Her eyes are mesmerizing. The charm of her eyes is very evident, and she has a perfect set of teeth. The way she smiles brings the world to a living state. 

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Afton Smith Career

She started her career as an actress. She was part of the movie Less Than zero. She got famous in the film. It was a drama-based movie released in 1987. In the same year, she got another comic-based movie once again. She got very much popularity from the film as it was her unexpected side. 

Reality bites change the course of a career. It was a romantic comedy movie. She has got the name and fame from the film to a large extent. She has become a famous face in the industry. She has portrayed the character of jenice. Later she got many projects and giant banners. 

At the same, she was also dealing with brands and other significant projects. She has made her name in the industry by herself. It was her dedication and her struggle that made her part of the prominent industry. 

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