Who is Alexis Maas and Where is She Today? Details Unveiled

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Johnny Carson’s stardom in the late 80s can never go unnoticed. He achieved immense fame, popularity, and a massive fan following during his long career. His celebrated career won him six Emmy Awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and many more accolades. Besides his professional life, the actor, comedian, and host became the topic of discussion for his personal life too. Johnny Carson married not once or twice, but four times. This article sheds light on his fourth and final wife, Alexis Maas.

Alexis is an American heiress and socialite who came to the limelight after she married the talk show host and became his fourth and last wife. Her husband was best known for NBC’s popular late-night talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The duo remained together until he died in 2005.

Alexis Maas’s Early Life

Alexis was born on the 15th of January, 1952, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the information on her early life and education remains scarce throughout the media. Before marriage to the popular TV presenter, she was completely out of the limelight. But some reports give highlights about her professional life. Per these reports, Alexis is a former stock brokerage employee and earned through the same profession before her marriage with Johnny.

When Did Alexis and Johnny Get Married?

Alexis met her late husband, Jonny, in the 1980s at the beach near his home. After their first meeting, the duo decided to keep meeting more. They dated for a while before giving a serious shape to their love life. The lovers got married on the 20th of June, 1987. Although it was Alexis’s first marriage, Johnny exchanged vows for the fourth time.

At the time of their wedding, Alexis was 35, whereas Johnny was 61. The large age difference between the two caused a minor controversy and gave rise to some gossip. Their wedding was approved by Judge William P. The couple had no qualms about such a huge age gap. After their wedding ceremony, they spent a lot of money on their lavish honeymoon in the Mediterranean countries.

How Many Children Did Alexis and Johnny Have?

At the time of his marriage with Alexis, Johnny already had three sons. Unfortunately, he had no children with Alexis. However, it never created a tiff between the couple. Their relationship went on becoming better and stronger for years. The couple had a happy and loving marriage that lasted nearly 20 years. In fact, it had been the longest of all four marriages for Johnny until he passed away due to respiratory failure.

When Alexis Starred in Johnny Carson’s Documentary

Alexis Maas never liked to become the center of attraction. In fact, even after her marriage to the star, she preferred keeping a low profile. However, after Johnny’s death, she accepted the proposal to star in her husband’s documentary to celebrate his legacy.

Johnny’s documentary, Johnny Carson: King of the Late Night, was directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Peter John. It chronicles Johnny’s life and career and the reason behind the success that made him a superstar. It also sheds light on Alexis and Johnny’s romance but did not reveal much information about his widow. The documentary was released in 2012 and was even nominated for two Emmy Awards and a Writers Guild of America Award.

How Did Johnny Carson Die?

Johnny Carson took his last breath on the 23rd of January, 2005. According to a family member, the cause of his death was the effects of emphysema. Emphysema is a health complication where the air sacs of the lungs are enlarged and damaged, resulting in a lack of breath. One of the reasons for this disease is smoking. At the time of his death, Johnny was 79 years old.

Alexis and Johnny Enjoyed Happy Marriage and Lavish Lifestyle

Although the duo didn’t have children, they seemed to have a great marriage. Alexis did not even think about remarrying after her husband’s death. During their marriage, the duo enjoyed a very luxurious and extravagant lifestyle.

Reportedly, the two owned several magnificent properties, including a 16-bedroom mansion on a four-acre beachfront in Malibu and another 14,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills. Although they preferred keeping their private life private, the media managed to capture the duo in pictures during the premiers of movies and television shows.

What Happened to Johnny’s Property after his Death?

At the time of his death, Johnny Carson left an impressive fortune. Per a few reports, the property was divided between Johnny’s children and Alexis. She received a major share of $300 million. But she did not keep it all. Reportedly, Alexis donated $156 million to her husband’s charity, Johnny Carson Foundation.

Where is Alexis Maas Now?

Since the death of her husband, Alexis has maintained her low-key profile. She doesn’t like appearing in front of the media and prefers living a personal life. The last time she was recorded on the camera was only during the documentary. Reportedly, Alexis still resides in California but sold off the couple’s Malibu mansion for a smaller property.

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