Who Is Ash Kaashh? What We Know About TikTok’s Rising Star

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Ash Kaash

Ash Kaashh, an Instagram influencer, and model with over 2.9 million followers, first gained attention for her fashion-related posts on her account. 

In 2018, Ash Kaashh created her Instagram account, which was the first step on her journey to financial success. She started Heaven Sent Nails, a nail salon, and collaborated with Fashion Nover as an entrepreneur. 

The Little Facts has deduced that Ash Kaashh is also a nail technician and owns her own nail company, From Heaven to you, based on information from her Instagram profile. Over 3,433 people have followed her brand page on Instagram so far.

About Ash Kaashh

Ash Kaashh, whose real name is Ashaley, was born on January 9th, 1998. She is an American native of Chicago, Illinois. Due to her sexy social media posts, Ash Kaashh is well-liked in America. Ash has used TikTok in addition to sharing her images on Instagram and other social media platforms, as the app continues to draw more young people’s attention to the site. 

Ash once became the subject of conversation after getting roasted by well-known YouTubers due to the fact that she publishes a lot of sexy images and TikTok videos. She requested her followers to cease abusing her in a personal tweet she sent in 2020.

Does Ash Kaashh Have Other Social Media?

On her Only Fans account, Ash Kaash demands a $49.99 yearly subscription fee. She has 21 posts on the website, and as of this writing, 6.4k people have liked them. The young influencer also has a Twitter account where she often posts about her thoughts and opinions on various topics. 

In one of her most recent tweets, she stated that prioritizing your needs isn’t being selfish. It’s crucial! 

Ash has more than 40.000 followers on Twitch, where she is frequently active. Despite having a YouTube account, Ash’s is now bare. Ash has just two accounts on TikTok, despite having a big following there, as she admitted on Instagram when a tonne of online impersonators started to circulate.

How did Ash Kaash become famous?

These days, a lot of people get famous on social media by being original and drawing in their target audience, and Ash Kaashh is no different. She has a sizable online following and is quite active on social media. She is a model and a nail technician in addition to being a social media influencer. 

She works as a nail technician, a model, and a social media influencer. Ash made her initial Instagram declaration of wanting to be a millionaire in 2018 and that was when everything began. Fashion Nova and Cash Clout are two of the products she has endorsed on her platform. Her most well-known work is as a lingerie and swimwear model. 

She is the proprietor of the nail art business Heaven Sent Nails. It’s an Instagram page for a digital nail shop. On the website, she posts a variety of nail artworks that over time draw the interest of numerous Instagram users. The burgeoning unisex clothing business Fatal Attraction is likewise founded and run by a young entrepreneur. 

Kaashh posts pictures and videos to her OnlyFans account. Access to her content on the website requires a $49.99 monthly subscription. Additionally, she was included in the song Ash Kaashh by 1nonly and Lil Bubblegum, which is about a leaked sex tape. 

There have been almost 12 million views of the video. Her extensive social media fan base contributes to her fame. She has more than 500,000 Twitter followers under the handle @ash Kaashh and more than 2.3 million Instagram followers with the identity @ash.kashh.

Is Ash Kaashh dating?

Even though Ash has kept her personal affairs private, she has liked and reposted several tweets that have raised the possibility that she had dated someone in the past. 

She wrote on May 3, 2021, “If you’ve been dating a man for more than a year, and he ain’t taking you anywhere tropical then baby that ain’t yo man.” My boyfriend is actually my best buddy. “I’m not sure how I’ll respond if a man ever deserts me; surely, if I love him, I’ll go insane? As Irresponsible or Snappy as the First 48?” 

But later that month, a false rumor that she had died began to circulate, throwing her fans into a frenzy. The fabricated accusation began circulating on social media when a picture of her Instagram memorialization gained popularity. The picture has “Remembering Ashley” written on it. Her official account was functioning regularly, which refuted the assertion. There are still questions about who published the image and how it spread on social media.


From Chicago, Illinois is Ash Kaashh. She is well-known in her home country for her fashion and modeling photographs. On her Twitter account, she sent the message “I’m going to be a millionaire in 2018.” Ash Kaashh is a well-known member of Onlyfans, where she posts sexy and sizzling pictures and videos for her paying subscribers. On Instagram and Tiktok, she is followed by millions of users. 

She posts lip-sync videos on TikTok and models in Instagram photos. Ash Kaashh has hired the Social Kings Agency, a celebrity marketing firm, to handle the management of her brand and social media-related projects. She and Sara Jean Underwood are both models for Fashion Nova.

Some Facts about Ash Kash

  • Ash Kaashh is a professional nail artist whose brand is called Heaven Sent Nails. She is also a tattoo enthusiast. 
  • On TikTok, Ash manages the Only Fans channel and charges a $49.99 monthly subscription fee. 
  • She has more than 645k Twitter followers. 
  • Many fashion companies collaborate with Ash Kaashh. 
  • Ash Kaashh has an estimated net worth of $900,000. Her primary sources of income are business and sponsorship.

Ash Kaashh OnlyFans Account

In addition to being active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, Ash Kaashh is also active on OnlyFans, a social media site that enables content creators to charge for their work. 

Similar to other platforms, Kaashh shares movies and images on her OnlyFans account, but these aren’t free to watch. 

It costs $49.99 per month to subscribe to Ash Kaashh’s content on OnlyFans in order to view her movies, photos, and other media. 

Reports claim that Kaashh’s stuff on her OnlyFans account is much more risqué and “NSFW” than what she shares on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Her naked poses in her OnlyFans posts, which provide users full access to her most personal sessions and moments. As a result, thousands of subscribers, largely men, to her OnlyFans account have subscribed to watch her do bizarre and suggestive things. Occasionally, subscribers leak some of the explicit material that Kaashh posts on her OnlyFans account.

Ash Kaash Net Worth 

“I’m going to be a millionaire,” Kash said in the description of her first Instagram post. That quickly turned into a reality. According to estimates, Ash Kaash’s net worth is currently at $800,000. 

Her appearance on OnlyFans and endorsements from well-known companies like Fashion Nova and Cash Clout all contribute to her wealth. In addition, her business, Heaven Sent Nails, has increased her wealth. Kaashh makes a sizable income as a model with a sizable social media following by promoting clothing and cosmetics from prestigious brands.

Ash Kaashh Death Controversy 

Early in 2021, Kash became the latest famous person to fall for an online death fake. Someone online honored her memory by posting a screenshot of her Instagram profile, which immediately went viral and inspired Twitter people to do the same. But a few hours prior to the incident, she had shared a number of Instagram stories on her official account. 

Additionally, neither her family nor management made any public statements or responses throughout the time that the story was circulating. The whispers persisted, and another user later corroborated the information. In fact, it seems that someone asked for Kaash’s Facebook page to be memorialized. A Facebook note that stated Ash’s page had been memorialized as requested was displayed in another image.

Is Ash Kaashh Transgender? 

In the past, Ash Kaashh has been the subject of many rumors, one of which has her being a man who underwent surgery to become a trans woman. Ash Kaashh refuted the claims that she is a transgender woman by posting a video to her Instagram stories. She scolded those who disseminated misleading information in the video.

Did Ash Kaashh Delete Her TikTok Account?

Yes, as can be seen from the link in her Instagram bio, Ash Kaashh deleted her hugely successful TikTok account. Kaash presently exclusively posts content to her Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, and a directory to her professional email. 

Ash Kaashh currently has three million followers on Instagram, which has taken the position of TikTok for her. Kaassh has shifted her concentration to Instagram and Twitter after initially using the medium for lip-syncing to gain recognition. Kaashh’s Instagram page showcases her international travels and numerous luxury ensembles. Her most recent posts have discussed the clothes she chooses to wear when walking her new French Bulldog, Astro.

Since Ash Kaashh is frequently by a pool or the ocean, she enjoys flaunting her physique in a variety of swimwear. 

Kaashh frequently wears items of clothing that are form-fitting and short tennis skirts to highlight her voluptuous body. 

Kaashh loves to keep her words brief and let the pictures speak for themselves, unlike some people who like to use Instagram as a platform to convey their ideas with photos. There are a lot of adoring followers who are vying for her attention in the comment sections of her pictures. 

Ash Kaashh uses Twitter to try to connect with her followers on a personal level when she isn’t publishing another image of one of her highly styled costumes. Ash Kaashh uses Twitter to try to connect with her followers on a personal level when she isn’t publishing another image of one of her highly styled costumes. On August 26th, 2022, Kaashh posted on Twitter about the special times she had with her partner, including singing him love songs while intoxicated while sitting in the driver’s seat. 

Additionally, Kaashh frequently offers relationship guidance for both familial and romantic relationships. Ash Kaashh is advising her followers on whom to watch out for.

What Beauty Business Does Ash Kaashh Own?

From Heaven to You Nails is owned by Ash Kaashh, who was first known online for her work as a nail technician. Kaashh launched Heaven Sent Nails while she was only 23 years old, and her new beauty company soon became successful. 

In an interview with Sheen Magazine, Kaashh reportedly said that her sudden and unexpected climb to stardom astonished her. Kaashh started receiving requests to work with many of her favorite brands when one of her images went viral. 

When Ash Kaashh learned how harmful synthetic nails can be, she was motivated to start Heaven Sent Nails. She wished to demonstrate to the public the benefits of press-on nails, including their ease of use and superiority over real nails. As a nail technician, Kaashh witnessed firsthand the damage that more common artificial nail types like acrylic or gel nails may do to the natural nail bed. 

Because press-on nails don’t provide the same long-term health risks as acrylic and gel nail chemicals, they’re better for your overall body as well as your nail. Only a few styles, including cow print, blue and gold foil, and multicolored paint splatter, are available from From Heaven to You. Additionally, they provide color-themed sets that feature transparent, embellished statement nails and plain color nails on most of your fingers. 

On June 9th, 2020, the company started posting images of its products, however, it appears that no further progress has been made. Kaash hasn’t published anything on her company’s Instagram profile since August 29th, 2020. Since Ash Kaashh keeps her private life off camera private, there are no updates on her carrying on the brand.

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