Who is Belén Cuesta, the actress who plays Manila in La Casa de Papel

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The premiere of the first part of the final season from The Money Heist it has its fans revolutionized. And they have reason to be: this fifth installment is even more explosive than the previous ones. With the tension and the adrenalin as protagonists, the fiction of Alex Pina for Netflix It was thought of as one of the great premieres of the year for the streaming platform. To continue catching the public, this time they joined new characters and those who had previously made themselves known were given greater depth.

This is the case of Julia, better known as Manila among the robbers. The character -with a hard life story to her credit- she had her first cameos in the third season and finally in the next installment a little more was learned about her: she was not a simple hostage, but was actually part of the red monkey band and a key piece in the plan The teacher.

But … who is behind this special character? His name is Bethlehem Cuesta, a 37-year-old actress from Seville who knew how to make a place for herself in the entertainment industry at the cost of talent and effort. It is that for many years he trained in acting, while combining his small roles with his bar jobs as a wench. It was exactly at that moment when he met another waiter who would change his life: Javier Ambrossi.

Your friend, paired with Javier Calvo, is part of the authorial duo recognized as Los Javis. Back then, long before he rose to fame with series like Poison (HBO Max), they were writing the hit musical in Spain which was named as The call. And although it started as a small play in the hall of a Madrid theater, today it is one of the most viewed in the European country and continues to tour.

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Cuesta rose to fame playing a nun, who eventually had her big screen adaptation. But when the Javis invited her to be part of Paquita Salas, the Netflix comedy, achieved international recognition. Among his filmography he has films such as Eight Catalan surnames, Kiki, love is made, Nonetheless and The Infinite Trench. It was the winner of a Goya Award as best actress and won two Feroz Awards for her work.

Today the Spanish artist stands out in the skin of Manila, a trans woman who goes a long way until she is accepted by her father and her family: Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Moscow (Paco All). If you haven’t seen the fifth season of The Money Heist, you must prepare for the revelation that this character will have throughout the five episodes already available.

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