Who is Big Boogie?

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Who is Big Boogie?

Fans of American rappers are a passionate and diverse group of people who appreciate these artists’ unique artistry and style. These fans are fascinated by the storytelling and lyricism of American rap music, as well as the beats and rhythms that make the genre so distinctive. In this article, we will learn about another famous model and actress, “Big Boogie.”

Big Boogie Biography

Big Boogie is a rapper and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. He gained popularity through his mixtapes and singles and has collaborated with other notable artists from the Memphis rap scene, such as Moneybagg Yo and Key Glock. 

Some of his famous songs include “Smoke” featuring Moneybagg Yo, “Fuck Dat” featuring NLE Choppa, and “Gangsta Party” featuring Dee Mula.

Big Boogie Life and Career

Big Boogie, whose real name is Johnathon Brown, is a rapper and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. He was born on August 27, 1996, and grew up in the rough neighborhoods of Memphis. Big Boogie started making music at a young age, and he got influenced by the Memphis rap scene, which has a unique sound and style that is different from other regions in the United States. 

Big Boogie gained popularity through his mixtapes, which he released independently on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. His first mixtape, “24 Hours,” was released in 2016 and gained attention in the local Memphis rap scene. 

He continued to release more mixtapes, such as “The Antidote,” “Life of a John Gotti,” and “Mr. Heartbreak,” which helped him to gain a more significant following and recognition in the hip-hop community. In 2020, Big Boogie signed a record deal with N-Less Entertainment, owned by fellow Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo.

He released his first studio album, “Everything’s For Sale,” in 2021, which features collaborations with Moneybagg Yo, Key Glock, and Dee Mula. The album received positive reviews and helped Big Boogie to gain even more popularity and recognition in the music industry. Big Boogie’s music is known for its catchy beats, energetic flow, and raw lyrics that reflect his life experiences and struggles growing up in Memphis.

Achievements of Big Boogie

Big Boogie, the rapper and hip-hop artist, has significantly succeeded in his music career. Here are some of his notable achievements:

  • Signed to a major record label: In 2020, Big Boogie signed a recording contract with Warner Records, one of the world’s largest and most successful record labels. Lable was a significant milestone in his career, giving him access to more excellent resources and a wider audience.
  • Big Boogie has garnered millions of streams on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. His music videos on YouTube have also received millions of views, demonstrating the widespread popularity of his music.
  • Chart success: Several Big Boogie’s songs have charted on the Billboard charts, including “Smoke,” which reached number 34 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.
  • Collaborations with other notable artists: Big Boogie has collaborated with other famous artists in the hip-hop industry, including Moneybagg Yo, NLE Choppa, and Yo Gotti.
  • Fan base: Big Boogie has a dedicated fan base that has been growing steadily since the beginning of his career. He is known for his authentic storytelling and emotional lyrics that resonate with many listeners.

Overall, Big Boogie has achieved significant success in his music career and is a rising star in the hip-hop scene.

Controversies Surrounding Big Boogie

There haven’t been any significant controversies surrounding Big Boogie, the rapper and hip-hop artist. However, there have been some minor issues and incidents that have raised eyebrows among fans and critics. Here are some of them:

  • Legal troubles: In 2018, Big Boogie got arrested on charges of aggravated assault and possessing a weapon. He later got released on bail, and the case got eventually dismissed. He has not had any significant legal issues since then.
  • Accusations of plagiarism: Some fans and critics have accused Big Boogie of stealing lyrics and melodies from other artists. However, there hasn’t been any substantial evidence to support these claims, and he has not got involved in any significant plagiarism scandals.
  • Offensive lyrics: Some of Big Boogie’s songs got criticized for being mean and derogatory towards specific groups, such as women and the LGBTQ+ community. However, he has also got praised for his honest and authentic storytelling that portrays the realities of life in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Feuds with other artists: Big Boogie has had some minor feuds with other artists in the industry, including fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti. However, these disputes have not escalated to the point of causing him major controversy or adverse publicity.

Overall, while there have been some minor issues and incidents surrounding Big Boogie, he has not been involved in any major controversies that have significantly impacted his music career.

The Huge Fan Following

Big Boogie has garnered a wide fan following due to several factors contributing to his popularity among hip-hop listeners. Here are some of the reasons why Big Boogie has a dedicated fan base:

  • Authentic storytelling: Big Boogie is known for his honest and raw lyrics that reflect his experiences growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. His music often touches on themes of street life, love, and heartbreak, which many listeners can relate to.
  • Emotional depth: Big Boogie’s music is known for its emotional depth, with many of his songs exploring themes of pain, struggle, and triumph. His music’s ability to convey his feelings has resonated with many listeners.
  • Unique style: Big Boogie’s unique style sets him apart from other hip-hop artists. He incorporates elements of blues and soul music into his rap, creating a distinct and memorable sound.
  • Collaborations: Big Boogie has collaborated with other famous artists in the industry, such as Moneybagg Yo, NLE Choppa, and Yo Gotti, which has helped to increase his exposure and reach a wider audience.
  • Social media presence: Big Boogie is active on social media, interacting with his fans and sharing updates about his music and personal life. Big has helped to build a strong connection between himself and his fans.


Overall, Big Boogie’s authenticity, emotional depth, unique style, collaborations, and social media presence contributed to his wide fan following in the hip-hop community.

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