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Who is Carlos Ballarta, the Mexican comedian who hates the work of “Chespirito” – MAG.

Controversial. One of the current comedians from Mexico identified as Carlos Ballarta went viral on social networks after his harsh criticism of the program “spirit”, Created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños. His words generated discomfort in netizens who fondly remember the series of the late actor who played “El Chavo del 8″.

Social networks, today, have become a space where many people can upload and generate content on various topics. One of them is TikTok, where videos or recordings of interest to a sector of the population are presented.

It was thus that it was possible to know that Carlos Ballarta, a comedian who performs stand up comedy questioned the works of Roberto Gómez Bolaños in the humorous field. On TikTok a fragment of what was his interview was published on the program Extended Version with Tenoch Huerta.

Carlos Ballarta He was born in Mexico City at the end of 1990. All his childhood and a large part of his life he lived in the municipality of Chicoloapan, in the State of Mexico. After finishing school he studied acting.

It was in 2012 when he decided to dedicate himself to comedy and for this he specialized in the stand up. His first presentation was at the Beer Hall bar (Mexico).

This helped him so that in 2013 and 2014 he will be invited to be part of the STANDparados program with Adal Ramones and of “Comedy Central Presents: Stand Up.

But he became famous during the program “It’s night … and I’m here” through a live sketch oriented to a routine written by the comedian.

Carlos Ballarta is characterized by having long black hair and wearing dark glasses.

In 2020 he was chosen by Louis CK to open one of his shows in Mexico at the Metropolitan Theater. Currently, it is on Netflix with two specials: “El amor es de pvtos” and “Furiañera”.

Carlos Ballarta became a trend on social networks after harshly criticizing the program “spirit” from Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the late actor who also created series such as “El Chavo del 8”, “El Chapulín Colorado”, “Los Chifladitos”, among others.

It was through the TikTok where a fragment of his interview could be seen on the program Extended Version with Tenoch Huerta.

I believe that it is not the responsibility of comedy to make people reflect. Not all of it, but I feel that, at least in terms of comedy, Chespirito has been one of the worst things that has happened to Mexican comedy (…) I at least at home, if there is something that he did not let my son see is that bullshit, the net”, He expressed on that occasion.

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