Who is Madison Cawthorn’s Wife, Cristina Bayardelle? Is She Planning A Divorce?

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After just eight months of engagement, Madison Cawthorn, an US Representative, and his spouse Cristina Bayardelle have allegedly filed for separation. An official comment from the former’s spokesperson on his behalf verified the information. Cristina is an American athlete, entrepreneur, personal trainer, instructor, and fitness model. She will be 28 years old in 2021, two years older than Madison. Cristina was preparing for her state exams in anesthesiology, according to an Instagram post-Madison made in June 2020.

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The North Carolina politician said that the situation of divorce occurred following his election to Congress in 2020. The representative also said that he and Cristina were unable to strike a work-life balance and chose to divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Even though it was an “enormously difficult decision,” Madison Cawthorn acknowledged that the breakup was “mutual.” He also asked for privacy from his followers during these difficult moments.

When Do They Meet?

A mutual friend of Bayardelle and Cawthorn connected them at a Miami gym. But, as Cawthorn stated in a June 2020 conversation, they would not have met if he did not go for a trip to a Russian casino.

Cawthorn claimed that he and his buddies traveled to Norway and Sweden just before experiencing a significant back surgery. He stated the party agreed to take a boat excursion to St. Petersburg, which is situated on the Baltic Sea and explore a casino there during the vacation.

Cawthorn said he contacted Todd, a Miami-based American Army Captain, inside the casino. They swapped phone numbers and stayed in touch.

Cawthorn said that he went to Miami for employment more than a year later. There, Todd asked him to compete in a Crossfit tournament. Cawthorn agreed, but there was no contest when he appeared to complete his pull ups at the gym. According to Cawthorn, it was a trick to get him in the same place with Bayardelle. Cawthorn raved that he and Bayardelle hit it off right away and that their relationship has been wonderful ever since.

On her Instagram account, Bayardelle uploaded a clip of the proposal. The Video shows that she travels down a rose-petal-lined walkway to where Cawthorn is on bended knee.

Bayardelle captioned the Video saying that words were inadequate to express the range of emotions he was experiencing. “I get to marry my best friend who also happens to be the most amazing and inspiring human I know.”

What Year Did They Marry?

Madison and Cristina tied the knot in December 2019. In April 2021, the couple married in an outdoor venue in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The Congressman said that they got married in the presence of family and friends. Madison was left partially paralyzed after a car accident when he was just 18 years old in 2014. He is now wheelchair-bound.

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Announcement Of Divorce From Their Side

Madison and Cristina have spoken out about their choice to end their relationship together. When he joined politics, the Congressman informed FOX that he and Cristina could not imagine how their lives would alter. He said that his triumph altered everything in an instant, and that was not what they expected.

Cristina said, “While we have agreed to be apart now, we still have a great friendship, and there’s no ill-will. Madison is a fighter – he will help save this country.”

Bayardelle Participates In Crossfit Events On A Regular Basis

Bayardelle is a pro athlete and fitness model. Her Instagram profile claims that she collaborates with a number of firms to market items like Born Primitive’s sportswear. Born Primitive has been tagged in multiple posts where she is using its product.

As per hitc, She is a fitness instructor as well. As per her profile description, she has been a competitor and coach in CrossFit since 2010, and she is renowned as a barbell specialist.

As per the CrossFit Game site, Bayardelle competed in her maiden tournament in 2015. Her finest year to date was 2018 when she finished 526th in the US. She and her squad finished in the 24th position in the regional tournament of the Atlantic area that year.

Bayardelle Is Also A Licensed Anesthesiologist

As per her Facebook page, Bayardelle enrolled at Florida International University. She did not mention when she received her degree.

Bayardelle spent considerable time preparing for a state board test during the coronavirus lockdowns, according to her spouse. He said, “Praying for this sweet girl right now! Cristina is currently taking her state boards for anesthesia. She has studied 4-5 hours a day ever since I have known her; that diligence is going to pay off!”

The time spent researching paid off ultimately, and Bayardelle has become a licensed Anesthesiologist Assistant. According to “Florida Department of Health” records, she received her license on February 22, 2021. North Carolina has also granted Bayardelle a license. However, it is unknown where she plans to practice medicine.


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Cawthorn’s View On Bayardelle’s Political Conception

Bayardelle is not recognized for sharing her political opinions in public, at least not on social networks. It is uncertain how closely she matches Cawthorn’s beliefs. Cawthorn characterized Bayardelle’s background as “apolitical” in a June 2020 interview. Bayardelle, on the other hand, is a Republican Party supporter. According to her voter record, she enlisted in the group in October 2009; only after a few weeks, she became 16. Florida permits minors to pre-register at the age of 16 for a vote.

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