Who is Derya Samanlı, Özge Özder’s character in “Unfaithful”

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Ozge Ozder she earned everyone’s respect and affection with her role as the villain Kivilcim, in “Doctor Miracle”, although her story came to an end in the second season wrapped in controversy and public rejection; to the point that he had to go out to give explanations about the departure of his character. The opposite case of what he now lives in “Infiel”, where he plays Derya Samanlı.

After his successful stint at “Doctor Miracle”, Ozge Ozder came to “Sadakatsiz” (in her original language) to play a woman with warm energy and a lot of fun. But her story will change after Asya, the main character, discovers that she knew that Volkan was unfaithful to her, and that on more than one occasion she hid the things her husband did from her.

Unlike what happened to him in the Ali Vefa story, the public of Unfaithful, is happy with the work of Özder playing Derya in the Turkish soap opera. But who is the woman who is accused of being responsible for the separation of the protagonists? Here are some details.

Derya Samanlı is funny and a good personAlthough he is almost always sticking his nose into other people’s lives to hide his own injuries and not think about what is really hurting him.

His childhood friends, Volkan, Bahar and Mert, are very precious because he has no one else in this life but them. That is why he is always fighting to keep them close and is even capable of doing whatever it takes to defend them.

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What’s more, Derya is Asya’s coworker, Volkan’s wife, the protagonists of the story. Derya and Asya have a very good relationship; at least until his best friend’s wife discovers that her co-worker and friend knew about the double life her husband was leading with Derin.

In an interview, Özder referred to her work in “Infiel”, a production that gave her stability and makes her feel good, as well as making her enjoy success and fame. “It’s our second year and I think it gets the ratings it deserves. It is not a big surprise to me. That there is the slightest roughness, that it does not penetrate us, everything is drawn from the beginning. Our audience is not unfaithful “said the Turkish actress.

Asya discovers that Volkan is having an affair with a young woman, Derin. Worse yet, he learns that all his friends and people around him knew about this relationship, but no one ever told him. The doctor realizes that she has been living in a web of lies, but, when the details behind the betrayal come to light, everything will start to burn. In this history, Asya refuses to be a victim of her life and wants revenge on her husband and everyone else who betrayed her.

After the truth is discovered, Asya separates from Volkam; this one does not remain calm and looks for responsible. For him, one of them from Derya, his best friend and co-worker of his ex-wife. So he looks for her and asks for explanations. “I’m like this because you didn’t warn me about this”, Volkan reproaches Derya. Despite Derya’s attempts to save Volkan’s skin on numerous occasions, the architect comes looking for him, blaming him for everything.

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