Who is Emma Cannon? Everything about Machine Gun Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Casie Cole Baker, daughter of Machine Gun Kelly, has become the center of attraction since her appearance on the AMAs 2021 red carpet. This young lady was seen rocking a cut-out black dress with confidence. Her appearance made it clear that she is of mixed heritage (African-Caucasian). Hence, there was a lot of speculation about who her mother was. Do you know that she is the daughter of Emma Cannon? Emma is the ex-wife of MGK and gave birth to Casie nearly fourteen years ago. But, Mama Emma is not well known in the entertainment sector.

Machine Gun Kelly with his daughter Casie

Suddenly an image became viral with an American African mother and child duo. Many people claimed that the woman seen in that picture was Emma Cannon. But that is the image of Jenifer Borgot, a journalist. A hazy and unclear image is available in public, which a lot of people claim to be of Emma Cannon and her daughter. But, nothing has been confirmed till now.

Even though she maintains her low key profile, we have managed to find some interesting facts about her. Read all about Emma Cannon and MGK’s relationship, her children and present lifestyle here.

Who is Emma Cannon?

As Emma Cannon prefers to stay out of the limelight, her pictures are nowhere on the internet. As per the sources, Emma hails from an Afro-American family from Houston, Texas. She was born in 1988 and, at present, is 33 years old. Emma hails from a modest middle-class family with deep Christian faith. Her father has a small business, and Emma and her mother used to help run their family business. Nothing is known about her siblings or other family members.

She completed her school education at her neighborhood school. After that, she completed her graduation from Texas University.

Emma Cannon’s relationship with Machine Gun Kelly

Emma Cannon netted Machine Gun Kelly before he was a famous rapper. They first met in 2008 in a Blink-18 music concert. Their relationship moved quickly, and both became romantically involved, sharing a deep bond.

As per sources, Machine Gun Kelly, aka Colson Baker and Emma Cannon, became teenage parents of Casie Cole Baker when they were just eighteen years old. That was in 2009, and the couple welcomed their daughter with a happy life.

People close to the rapper claim that Emma motivated Colson Baker to become Machine Gun Kelly and encouraged him to pursue an active career in music.

There was a rumour that Emma and MGK were married after the birth of their daughter. But, neither Emma nor MGK have confirmed the news. Hence, there is still a mystery about her marital status.

The problem started after Machine Gun Kelly became a music sensation with his album Lace Up in 2012. They probably split during 2012 or 2013. The exact date or time is unknown.

Interestingly enough, MGK once hinted about their split in his 2013 mixtape creation” Her Song”. Many people believe that MGK openly stated about his life choices and Split with his Lady Love in the song. This song had a rap lyric-

I’m just out here chasing my dreams, girl.

 But it’s a crazy cause that dream cost me, my dream girl

 Promise you I wouldn’t change before I left

 Now I think leaving is the one thing I regret.”

These lyrics probably gave away the details that he and Emma were splitting up due to his dream of chasing fame and his dreams.

Her Song by Machine Gun Kelly

In 2013, Machine Gun Kelly had praised Emma Cannon on Instagram, saying that she is the best mother to his daughter. But this musician deleted this post after their split up.

The duo probably parted ways amicably and decided to co-parent her daughter together like responsible adults.

What does Emma Do at this moment?

It is unknown what Emma Canon does for a living. She used to work for a private company after graduating. But, people speculate that she is an entrepreneur and has her own company. At present, Emma runs a successful small business in Houston. Emma also leads a low-key life and has not come forth in the limelight even after her split.

Reportedly, she also chose to become a dedicated single mother to Casie. Even though MGK has dated many women, Megan Fox being his recent girlfriend, Emma chose not to comment on anything. Sources also claim that Emma is single at this moment and is not dating anyone.

Machine Gun Kelly with his daughter

Emma Cannon’s net worth

Since Emma has not revealed her career in the public, estimating her net worth is a bit difficult. She may have a net worth of roughly $1 to $2 million.

Ending notes…

Even though they parted ways, Emma Cannon remained cordial with Machine Gun Kelly. She also appreciates his effort to be an active part of their daughter’s life. Casie is often seen hanging out with his father in Los Angeles and also poses for pictures with him.

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