Who is Endrick? 9 Things you didn’t know about Endrick

Palmeiras has in its ranks one of the new jewels of world football, Endrick. A 15-year-old who has unexpectedly broken into the elite and has become an important part of the Palmeiras youth team, which hopes to be able to make him a new professional contract when he turns 16 and shields him. Many teams are on the prowl and want to convince him not to renew, but the young footballer will have to make good decisions if he does not want to stagnate or rush. There are several facts about Endrick that you did not know.

His good leg is the left-handed one

The player showed that he has a magnificent left-hander scoring 6 goals and leaving dangerous passes.

Born in Brasilia in 2006

The young footballer is still a teenager who did not even live through the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

He is a very skilled striker

He is an attacker with a great future, already compared to Ronaldo Nazario.

He enjoys a highly developed physique

Despite his young age, Endrick is already a physically developed boy who can compete with boys older than him.

Its main qualities are speed, technique and definition

Endrick is a very complete player who combines all the qualities to be a world star.

You will not be able to leave Brazil until you are 18 years old

Due to FIFA rules, you will not be able to leave your country to play elsewhere until you are of legal age.

He was the best player in the Sao Paulo Juniors U-20 Cup

He has been the great sensation of the Copinha, a prestigious youth tournament from which players like Vinicius and Neymar have already left.

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He has not yet made his debut with the first team of Palmeiras

Despite hogging many spotlights worldwide, he has not yet played in the first division.

He is an under-20 international with Brazil

He has already been called up to defend his country in the under-20 squad. F

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