Who is Ester Expósito: her incipient courtship with Nicolás Furtado, popularity in “Elite” and her empire on Instagram

After love disappointment with the China Suárez, Nicolas Furtado bet on love from the hand of Ester Exposito. This is a well-known 21-year-old Spanish actress, who has spent almost a decade of artistic career. He is a youth star who not only shines in series and movies, but also in social networks where gathers almost 29 million followers.

At 16 he took his first acting course and starred in the plays Woman in Red and Adolescent 2055. The following year he made his television debut with the Spanish series Vis a vis. From then on she performed other roles, but the great leap to international popularity came when she took on the role of Carla Rosón Caleruega, popularly known as “la marquesita” from Elite.

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Ester Expósito and Nicolás Furtado confirmed their romance in Spain

Since Furtado settled in Spain, he was linked to different actresses. One of them was the China Suarez and even a photo emerged where they appear dining in a restaurant in Madrid. However, that romance would have been short-lived since the actor did not tolerate his Argentine colleague telling him about his differences with Benjamín Vicuña.

Quickly, he dissociated himself from the former Almost angels and revealed his closeness to Exposito. This Tuesday she herself confirmed the news by posting a photo on her social networks.

This is a selfie in front of the mirror that was taken in Halloween, a night that they enjoyed surrounded by friends. The image did not go unnoticed among the fans of both, who were very happy to see the couple they make.

The artists had already attended the gala of She and to a bowling alley, where they were caught dancing. Days ago, he also published an image of the protagonist of Elite, but never mentioned a word about the love story they live.

Who were the famous ex-partners of Ester Exposito

Although she is a very popular actress, when it comes to talking about matters of the heart, she chooses to keep a low profile. As is known, in early 2018 -after joining the cast of Elite-, met Alvaro Rico, the actor who played Polo, and they lived an intense romance until in October 2019 they announced that they were no longer together.

Last year he started a courtship with Alejandro Speitzer, a renowned Mexican actor. They became one of the most popular couples in show business, but in June of this year the romance came to an end.

Benjamín Vicuña and Ester Expósito: likes in networks, talk at the Platino Awards and the romance that was not

In October, weeks after confirming his break with China Suárez, the Chilean actor traveled to Spain to deliver the Platinum Ibero-American Film Awards 2021. A series of likes and a conversation during the event fueled the rumor of a romance with Ester Exposito.

In the air of Intruders (America) said that a month before landing on Spanish soil, Vicuña had started to follow her on social media. “China had been following her for two years, they liked colleagues, good vibes. But the next day they saw Benjamin talking to the Spanish woman, China stopped following her, ”they commented. Nevertheless, the affair was a rumor that was never confirmed.

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