Who is Ewan Mitchell? Know Everything Here

One of the most long-awaited series and the prequel of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon has been captivating for viewers since its first episode. Though the entirety of the new generation of Targaryens make their mark, two characters from the series, namely, Aemond and Daemon Targaryen stole the hearts of the audience at large. 

Prince Aemond, played by Ewan Mitchel, has been one of the more intriguing additions to the show. The one-eyed prince is about to become the OG in the upcoming seasons. Actor Ewan Mitchell, who plays the older version of the character has taken over from Leo Ashton, and since his first appearance, he has been receiving love from the audience. 

Be it his overall wicked personality, dialogue, or charming fashion sense, Ewan has done full justice to the role. So, who is Ewan Mitchell, and what his acting background is? Here are some relevant details about the actor. 

Who is Ewan Mitchell? 

Ewan Mitchell is an English actor who has recently become a rage among the audience for his amazingly portrayed character as Prince Aemond in House of the Dragon. Born on the 12th of March 2002, the actor is 20 years old. Mitchell was raised in his hometown Derby and trained at the Central Junior Television Workshop in Nottingham. 

He stepped into the television and film industry in 2015, starring in the short films, Stereotype, and Fire. Later, he starred in the movies Just Charlie and High Life. In 2022, the actor was cast in an Amazon Prime video original movie, Saltburn. 

The actor has been a part of some thrilling projects in television too. Mitchell made his debut in the 2017 ITV period drama, The Halcyon, as Billy Taylor. But the actor achieved recognition for his breakout role in the BBC Two and Netflix Historical drama, The Last Kingdom. Here, Mitchell played the role of Osferth and appeared from the second to the fifth season. In 2019, the actor starred as Tom Bennett in the BBC One World War II drama series World on Fire. 

Last year, Mitchell appeared in the ITV crime thriller Trigger Point as Billy Washington, and finally, he was cast as Prince Aemond Targaryen in the HBO fantasy series House of the Dragon. His appearance as Aemond has been the biggest milestone in the actor’s career so far. 

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Can I Follow Ewan Mitchell on Social Media? 

Unlike many actors and television personalities who like using social media and sharing glimpses of their professional and personal lives, Mitchell likes to keep everything private and low-key. You will not find the actor on Instagram or Twitter. There are plenty of Ewan fan accounts on the former social media platform; however, the actor doesn’t have a verified account. 

It is said that Ewan is an extremely private person. His co-actors have also taken his word for it. They say Ewan wants to keep a low profile for the most part. He was described as ‘mysterious’ by Scottish actor Mark Rowley on the Official Last Kingdom Podcast. According to him: 

“Maybe he has had an amazing trainer we don’t know about…in life?” According to his other co-actors, “Let’s leave Ewan out of this, otherwise we will get in trouble.” 

House of the Dragon Fans are Mighty Impressed with Ewan’s Performance 

It took only one appearance for Mitchell to be acclaimed as an instant star in the eyes of his fans. As the adult Aemond, Mitchell is lean and mean, and every trace of his appearance is wicked, just as how the prince has been depicted in George RR Martin’s novel. 

The actor’s spare, chiseled features and twisted cynical smile convey a lot of meaning to every second he is on the screen. The fans have flocked to acclaim him as the perfect casting for the role. So far, Matt Smith who plays Daemon Targaryen has been considered the center of the show, and many fans claim he may have a strong competition in Mitchell’s effortless portrayal of malice and menace.

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Ewan Mitchell’s Connection with Game of Thrones 

Interestingly, there is a connection between Ewan and HOTD’s sequel, Game of Thrones. The actor starred in the 2019 war drama series, World on Fire with Sean Bean. Actor Sean Bean is famous for playing Ned Stark in the first season of Game of Thrones. In an interview in 2019, Ewan stated, “It was such an honor and an absolute privilege to have someone as talented as Sean Bean to learn from and work with during our scenes.” 

Why Aemond Targaryen Could be the Favorite Antagonist For HOTD fans? 

So far, you may have known that Prince Aemond is a not good man. He is mean, ambitious, and everything vile like any antagonist. Despite his meanness, fans are in awe of him. If the fan theories and discussions are to be taken seriously, Aemond could become one of the most loved antagonists for the viewers. Here are the reasons why Aemond is so popular. 

  • Aemond possesses the cunning that Aegon lacks. It is only the intelligence of a person to carry him a long way in Westeros. Some of the most significant players are not warriors, but masterminds who let others fight for them. Aemond has that sense of cunningness in him. As a younger brother, he had little chance of inheriting much power by birthright, so he dedicates himself to self-improvement in the ways his elder brother never will. In many instances, fans lay a comparison between him and Daemon.
  • Prince Aemond has the strongest, wisest, and oldest living dragon in Westeros. Vhagar crossed the sea with Aegon the Conqueror and brought seven kingdoms to heel alongside her siblings. She went through many riders before meeting her current rider. After taking him on a lethal ride, she must have been impressed by the determination and boldness of Aemond. Losing an eye to getting the strongest dragon was not a loss for prince Aemond, after all. Partnering with Vhagar makes him a one-man army, and we have already watched the first season finale. 
  • Out of all his siblings, it is Prince Aemond who has the true Targaryen’s ambition. He has come a long way to earn his reputation and he is not done pushing ahead. The exact goal of the prince remains unknown, but it is evident that he is after something bigger than himself. Some fan theories claim that Aemond’s real aim is to sit on the Iron Throne. The evidence of this theory comes from the ‘The Green Council’ where Aemond alludes to potentially taking Aegon’s place as the heir if the latter is mysteriously vanished. It suggested that Aemond may not want to murder his elder brother outright, but he has a chance to pull up his sleeve.
  • Prince Aemond knows the rules and follows them well. Westeros is a continent full of laws and rules, and the young prince knows them all. Even the most powerful royals risk staining their reputations or entire families when they break them. Aemond would rather keep his guard down and start a fuss in public. 
  • Prince Aemond is not a coward by any metric. On the contrary, he is patient, cautious, and quite observant. He waits until everyone is in the same room to insult the Velaryon boys, keeps tabs on his brother’s antics, and adheres to the parley standards with Lord Baratheon. All these instances highlight how formidable he is in the show. 
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