Who is Felix Afena-Gyan? Everything that is known about the jewel of Jose Mourinho at AS Roma

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From the hand of the famous Portuguese coach José Mourinho, AS Roma, a historic Serie A team of the italian soccer, tries to be a squad that moves away from its usual reputation as a half table box to be one of the protagonists of the “football”. And this could be about to happen thanks to one of the most recent discoveries of ‘The Special One’, we refer to the 18-year-old Ghanaian, Felix Afena Gyan and whose history it is making a big impact.

Afena has been trained at the acclaimed youth academy of the Roma, a center from which Italian football referents such as Daniele De Rossi, Francesco Totti, these two referents of “the wolf” And, given so much talent, Mourinho decided to promote him to the first team last October.

And, despite the fact that most thought that, as expected of a debutante, he would have a supporting role, but the opposite happened when the past November 21, during date 13, Roma beat Genoa 2-0 with doublet marked by Felix Afena Gyan, after having entered 15 minutes before the end of the 90 regulatory minutes.

When the game ended, the boy’s superb performance drew great attention and Mourinho revealed about the promise he made to the young courage of world soccer: “I promised him that I would buy him a pair of shoes that he really likes that cost $ 900 (…) He came up to me and told me not to forget it. Tomorrow, in the morning, I’ll go buy them “.

The technician of the AS Roma He is a man of his word and he fulfilled, because the past Monday 22 of this month He gave her the promised footwear.

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But. Where does it come from Felix Afena Gyan? Its origin dates back to Sunyani District, Ghana, and until 2018, the only approach to a moderately competitive football was that of the school, until that year he enrolled in the academia EurAfrica FC. In this place he drew the attention of various talent scouts, being the obsession of the AS Roma and the AC Milan to sign him until January 2021.

Evidently, “the wolf” won the Ghanaian pass, among other things due to the historic comeback that the capital team beat the FC Barcelona leaving it out of the Champions League on april 2018.

“It’s amazing. It is a dream come true for me (…) Roma He left a lasting impression on me that night against Barcelona, ​​so being a part of this incredible club now is definitely a dream come true. “, he detailed.

This is how in his first four games with Sub 18 division he scored 3 goals, after which he was promoted to the reserve, where he scored 4 goals, assisted in 2 during 15 games.

With these numbers the 2021-2022 season, having the full attention of José Mourinho, who soon promoted him to the first team debuting on October 27 against Cagliari on the date 10 of Series A.

Since then, he has attracted attention for his pace, power, speed that have helped the AS Roma To gain power up front, as well as his ability to shoot, are a plus that make him a different player.

In this regard, your agent, oliver arthur assured that your client has great ambitions: “He is a very confident player. His most significant strength is his ability to score (…) He also has the character of wanting to be the best in the world, and he has started working to achieve it (…) his movement is already changing many perceptions about African talent. Most of the people thought that it was not possible to go directly from Africa to the big clubs in Europe, but he has opened the way and has shown that it is possible “, detalló a BBC Sports.

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