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Who Is Gracie Lou from 'Claim to Fame' Related To? An Investigation

Who Is Gracie Lou from ‘Claim to Fame’ Related To? An Investigation

Step aside Sherlock Holmes! This season, I will be doing my best to uncover the secret identities of the Claim to Fame contestants. The show’s format is relatively simple: eleven contestants move into a Hollywood mansion, each related to an A-list celebrity. The contestant who can keep their relative’s identity a secret the longest wins.

As I watch each episode, I’ll be tracking the clues we gather and trying to piece them together to figure out the celebrity relative of each contestant. Spoilers for all aired episodes ahead. Here’s everything we’ve learned about Gracie Lou and my predictions:

Who is Gracie Lou’s Claim to Fame celebrity relative?


Episode 1 clues

Two truths and a lie:

My celebrity relative is my: UNCLE (Truth)
My celebrity relative is best known for being a: MUSICIAN (Lie)
The biggest award my celebrity relative has won: EMMY (Truth)

Gracie Lou told viewers she wants people to believe she’s related to a country music star. However, it appears her uncle is actually an actor.

We also discovered that there is a duck on the clue wall that somehow connects to her uncle.

The other contestants’ best guesses

Reba McEntire

Danny was quickly fooled by Gracie Lou’s deception and said he thinks she resembles the country legend.

Parade‘s prediction for celebrity relative

David Tennant

Although this might not be accurate, if I’m considering Emmy winners connected to duck-related properties, the only idea I have is David Tennant, who voiced a character for DuckTales. This seems like an exceptionally challenging clue for the house, so there’s probably a more obvious answer, but this is my best guess so far.

Claim to Fame airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Source: Parade