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Guy Jodoin does not need any introduction if you are interested in comedy films and shows. He is one of the most famous personalities in Canada. He is a comedian from the profession and is most known for his work as Capitaine Patenaude in Galaxy Near you which was aired from 1999-2001.

Jodoin is not only an accomplished actor but is also a cable host. He has hosted many award shows and television shows. Guy Jodoin is so popular in Canada that he has worked with a portion of talented Canadian actors.

You will be astonished to know that neither Guy Jodoin started his acting career on television nor in movies. Jodoin started acting in Theater and was active as a theater actor until 2018. He has worked in a play like Compagnie Jean- Duceppe and Les Amis.

Jodoin has been making us laugh for years and actively participates in animation films for children and adults. He has worked in animation movies like the Studios and Sweet and Savory. Apart from it, he has also done radio shows like Just for Fun and Leve-Toi and Marche.

Many of you may not be aware that Guy Jodoin is also quite rich due to his long and prosperous career as an actor and TV host.

Guy Jodoin Age and Background

The 54-year-old actor Guy Jodoin was born on 27 December, 1966 in Sherbrooke of, Quebec City, Canada. This city is the hub of cultural, commercial, industrial, administrative, and regional transportation activity. Its history dates back 3000-8000 years.

Interesting things about Guy Jodoin’s Education

Jodoin went first grade at Ecole Primaire Du Sacré-Coeur in Sherbrooke. After two years, he decided to complete high school at Ecole Montcalm in Sherbrooke, the second pavilion of Ecole Mitchell Mountain.

Guy Jodoin was primarily not a student of acting. He graduated with a science, but because of his passion for acting, he enrolled in the Theater of College Lionel-Groulx in the Saint-Therese administrative region of Laurentide.

The more precise address will be the region of the county municipality of Therese-De Blainville in Quebec, Canada. He was active in the theater class from 1986 to 1989.

Moreover, he was very talented in acting and has been cast in almost all the plays in the Theater. After completing theater classes because of his amazing talent, he began acting in the main field.

Guy Jodoin Acting Career

As a talented actor, Guy Jodoin’s acting career will inspire future comedians and actors for years. He has done so many projects that listing all of them will be impossible. But there are some of the works that earned him the admiration of millions of fans and critics.

Guy Jodin, a legendary comedian in the Canadian film industry, started his career in television. He worked on The Tele-Pirate, a children’s television show that aired from 1991 to 1996.

In the same year, Jodoin worked on other projects like Watatatow, a teenage soap opera that shows the life of a teenager and their parents. It shows their journey through love, joy, and sorrow. Many people admired Jodoin’s performance in it.

Later, He was cast in a show whose French name was Radio Enfer. It is translated into English as “Hello radio.”  A Quebec television sitcom depicted the story of a group of students managing their own high school radio station. It was very popular when it aired from 1995  to 2001.

However, Guy Jodoin became a household name from the television series Galaxy near you, aired from 25 January 1999 to 25 November 2001. It started as a children’s sitcom and soon became popular among adults.

It was the story of the Canadian airship of 2034. It was on a quest to find a planet suitable for living humans since the earth is inhabitable due to pollution. Jodoin played the role of Captain Charles Patenaude, who still has a solid fan base among Canadians.

Some even jokingly called Galaxy a cult series due to its huge number of fans. Galaxy near you has such a large fan base that they are collectively called “Doggies.”It has four seasons and 65 episodes later, and it also got its movie adaptation in 2004.

There are two parts to the movie, and in 2017 Guy Jodoin announced the third film in this series while hosting the show with other cast members like Claude Legault. But till now, the work is in progress.

In 2009, he again appeared on the children’s television show Tactic. It was another hit tv show in Jodoin’s career. It shows the rivalry between two soccer teams. Unfortunately, Jodoin only appeared for three seasons due to his busy schedule.

However, Jodoin is a person who likes to challenge himself. He does not think about the audience’s reaction while selecting the role. Therefore you have seen him playing various roles, like in Histoires de-filles, a comedy soap opera, and the Source Sale, where he was the host for 12 years.

He also appeared in many blockbuster movies, like Against all Hope, directed by Bernard Emond. In 2010, he hosted a popular game show called Le Tricheur.

In the Alerstin movie released in 2020, Jodoin played the role of Marc-Andre Bonenfant and shared the screen with famous actress Sophie Pregent.

Guy Personal Life:

Although there is no information about Guy Jodoin’s parents except that they are Canadian, Jodoin’s personal life has been the talk of the town, especially when he divorced his wife with whom he has four children. He has two sons and two daughters. He named them Hugolin, Megan, Bianca, and Leandre.

Guy Jodoin’s Net worth

Guy Jodoin has been working in the entertainment industry for approx. Thirty years. During this time, he was involved in numerous shows, movies, and talk shows. No doubt that Jodoin is immensely successful in what he does. It is estimated that Jodoin’s net worth is at least $ 5 million.

Bottom Line

Guy Jodoin will always be the actor and comedian who excels in his profession, which is why millions worldwide love him. This article was to help you know your favorite star more closely.

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