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Who Is Hailey Welch, Also Known as The Hawk Tuah Girl?

Who Is Hailey Welch, Also Known as The Hawk Tuah Girl?

Hailey Welch has joined the ranks of online sensations, thanks to her now-famous sound clip where she explains her “Hawk Tuah” technique. Known almost universally as the Hawk Tuah Girl, Welch is now living the life of a mini-celebrity. But what exactly has led to this viral phenomenon?

It’s all thanks to the content creators at Tim & Dee TV. In one of their videos shot in Nashville, Tennessee, the hosts wandered around a buzzing venue asking women about their go-to moves in the bedroom that, in their words, make a man “go crazy.”

While many young women highlighted their oral skills, Welch, a 21-year-old who appeared slightly tipsy, delivered a line that catapulted her to viral stardom and has since inspired countless memes.

“You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang, you get me?” Welch exclaimed, and the trend was born.

With all the buzz, several media outlets have scrambled to uncover more about Welch’s life and the origins of her catchy phrase.

What’s known so far is that Welch hails from Tennessee, though she hasn’t revealed her specific hometown. Her distinct Southern accent is unmistakable. Contrary to some reports, Welch is not a schoolteacher. She previously worked at a spring factory in her home state before resigning recently. In an interview with Brianna LaPaglia on the Plan Bri podcast, Welch shared some insights into her sudden rise to internet fame.

Alongside her newfound fame, Welch has to deal with online impostors and unwanted attention. She mentioned that she deleted all her social media accounts a long time ago, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying to impersonate her for dubious reasons.

Tim & Dee TV are capitalizing on the moment by selling merchandise featuring her phrase. Though details of Welch’s business arrangement with the content creators remain unclear, she disclosed on the Plan Bri podcast that she is collaborating with Jason Poteete of Fathead Threads on merchandise. Welch emphasized that Poteete gives her a significant share of the profits from the official Hawk Tuah line. However, Welch found one request—asking her to spit in a jar for $600—particularly revolting.

There have been false rumors that Welch signed with the UTA talent agency. She did confirm, however, that she now has a manager and a team supporting her. Welch was even spotted with Shaquille O’Neal, taking photos during his recent DJ event in Nashville.

While it remains uncertain what the future holds for Hailey Welch, her fun energy and southern charm suggest that she is likely to land deals for appearances and more.

Photo: Screenshot / Tim & Dee TV