Who is Jenna Vulcano?

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Sal Vulcano Sr. and Adele Vulcano, Jenna’s biological parents, welcomed her into Staten Island, New York. Her parents divorced when she was a small child, and Sal Vulcano Sr. remarried Dianne Fernandez.

She will be 37 years old in 2023. Her zodiac sign is Leo; she was born on August 4, 1986.

She enrolled in a Public Relations course at Kingsborough College in Brooklyn after completing her high school education at Cardinal Farrell Public School in Staten Island, from which she ultimately graduated.

She is the devoted sister of Sal Vulcano, a comedian and star of the television series Impractical Jokers, who has made several appearances on her brother’s programme.

The sister of Sal Vulcano adores her family, particularly her father, whom she frequently praises on social media.

Jenna Love Life

Given everything, Jenna is most likely dating a man named Famous Shamus. In any event, she hasn’t disclosed anything to the public about her connection with Shamus. Nonetheless, they were in a relationship before she and James married each other secretly.

Yet her TV partner, James, is devoted to Melyssa Davies, the love of her life. He proposed to Melyssa in July 2019.

Jenna Married Life 

Who is Jenna Vulcano?

Jenna, a 34-year-old performer, recently wed James Murray, Sal’s co-star. In March 2014, the couple married outside a church near their friends, family, and spouses. Yet after a holiday night, their marriage was annulled.

On the Brother-In-Loss episode of Impractical Jokers, James Murray wed Jenna Vulcano. Along with her brother Sal, parents, and friends, Jenna legally wed James Murray during the show in the third season finale. Sal was getting married to make up for missing all the challenges.

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The episode also highlighted Murray and Jenna’s romance and their affection for one another. The film was a fraud, though, since the creators and comedians had planned the day’s activities to punish Sal. Also, the two signed marriage licences to give Sal the impression they were married.

As a result, they were only married for a day, and after spending that day together, they were never again seen together.

Jenna Career

Who is Jenna Vulcano?

Jenna Vulcano attended Kingsborough College in Brooklyn, New York, to study public relations. As a result, she has spent most of her career as a receptionist. According to her LinkedIn page, she worked with Richmond University Health Center/Amboy Clinical Practice as a medical receptionist.

Jenna Vulcano was not regular from the beginning of Impractical Jokers in 2011. She has only been a part of two episodes. She made her debut in season two with Carla, Joe’s sister.

Her latest show competed when Sal and Joe presented for a resort’s slideshow. The programme featured images of her cuddling Q, standing next to a nude Q, and cuddling up to Murr and Q in bed. The next episode was Jenna’s last on the show, and it was the one when she wed Murr.

Jenna Hobbies

Despite having a job besides the film business, Jenna Vulcano enjoys watching comedies and movies. Leslie Nielson and Jim Carrey are two of her favourite actors. She loves dogs and has participated in several animal-related charitable initiatives in addition to watching comedy. Additionally, Sal’s sister loves to party and favours attending concerts, parties, networking, and listening to pop and rap music.

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Jenna Net Worth

Who is Jenna Vulcano?

Because she is undoubtedly not a well-known or seasoned performer, she has earned a respectable sum from his work in Impractical Jokers.

Beginning in 2020, Jenna will have around $200,000 in total assets, similar to Ciara Bravo. Acting is also the primary source of her income. She may have learned much from her previous work as a medical secretary at Richmond University.

According to Reports, she, as a performer, typically makes $91,401 per year. She is undoubtedly earning approximately $91,000 as a budding performer. Contrary to what one might anticipate, Sal, her brother, now has a karma of $500,000.

He earned all this money via his artist and stand-up comedian work. Brad Beckerman will appear in the upcoming movie Impractical Jokers: The Movie, which bears the same name as their television programme.

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