Who is Juan Diego Botto, the Latino who conquers DC in The Suicide Squad

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Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Spain and a new figure in DC. All these characteristics identify Juan Diego Botto, the actor who plays the dictator Silvio Luna in Suicide Squad 2. His character, who takes control of the island Corto Maltese, caught the attention of all fans of this cinematic universe behind the scenes with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).

In this new installment of the American film starring the antiheroes of DC Comics, director James Gunn features a completely standalone sequel. There he is responsible for incorporating new characters, a renewed mission and a story that keeps viewers focused from beginning to end.

Juan Diego Botto was part of the new DC movie.

In this way, Botto arrived at the tenth film of the DC Extended Universe in the skin of a young dictator who dominates the island where the Suicide Squad will carry out the mission assigned to them. Undoubtedly, this role touches him closely: when he was barely a year old, his father – also an Argentine actor – was disappeared during the civic-military dictatorship that crossed the country from 1976 to 1983.

His mother, actress and producer, decided to leave Argentina to emigrate to Spain. Since then, Juan Diego Botto trained as an actor in both Madrid and New York schools. His professional career began to grow by leaps and bounds. Going through stakes in The Fox, movies like Thursday’s widows and a dozen plays, the new figure of Suicide Squad 2 took a presence in the artistic world.

How did Juan Diego Botto come to DC Comics?

In recent years, he participated in Spanish series such as Instinct, starring Mario Casas, and White Lines, the production of Netflix premiered in 2020 by Álex Pina, creator of The Money Heist. With all this road traveled, it was that he was encouraged to send a test filmed at his home to Warner Bros. Pictures. The studio called him to an audition in Los Angeles but before Botto got on the plane, they contacted him to point out that James Gunn was convinced and that he did not need another casting stage: the role was already his.

This is how the Argentine actor prepared Silvio Luna, a very seductive villain capable of conquering even Harley Quinn. Representing his country of origin and accompanied by other Latin American members of the cast, Botto conquered DC based on his strong accent and winks that fans of the Suicide Squad they were not long in capturing.

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