Who is Juan Felipe Samper? What We Know About Him

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Since he was a child, the Colombian singer had an approach to music, because his father instilled that passion in him, as well as the love for Independiente Santa Fe.

He was part of several rock bands playing the drums because he was too shy to be in front of the stage, he said in an interview with Laura Acuña. However, he later had to play the guitar and eventually became a singer.

His great success came with ‘Non-profit’, one of the exponent bands of the so-called ‘troppo’, with which Samper toured Latin America. For a time, the group broke up and the Caleño began his work as a soloist, with which he managed to be nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Around the same time, he worked with Justin Bieber, when the Canadian wanted to do a version of ‘Despacito’, a song by Luis Fonsi with Daddy Yankee, who will do a farewell concert in Colombia.

The Colombian musician helped Bieber to have a good pronunciation of the words in Spanish and accompanied him during the recording of the song.

Juan Felipe Samper Relationships

A few months ago it was rumored that the artist was dating the presenter of ‘Day by day, who confirmed his separation from Lincoln Palomeque, for a video that went viral.

In it, Samper and Cruz were seen greeting each other affectionately. However, both strongly denied that there was a romance between them, and clarified that they have been friends for several years.

On the other hand, Juan Felipe Samper was the boyfriend of Mariana Gómez, who plays Arelys Henao in the bio novel about the life of the singer, produced by Caracol Televisión.

The couple lasted several years and even managed to live together. However, after the pandemic, they confirmed that their romance had come to an end, although they continue to care for each other.

Who is the new girlfriend of Juan Felipe Samper

The heart of Caleño already has an owner and she is also an actress who was the protagonist of a bio novel. This is María Elisa Camargo, who gave life to the deceased artist Patricia Teherán.

Since December of last year, it was said that Samper and Camargo were dating, but it was not until a few weeks ago that the two began to be affectionate on social networks.

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