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Who Is Katie Price? Does Katie Price Now Face JAIL?

Who is Katie Price? Does Katie Price now face JAIL?

Katie is a 43-year-old glamour model who began her career as Jordan on The Sun’s Page 3 in 1996 when she was 17 years old. On May 22, 1978, she was born and quickly became well-known for her extensive breast job surgeries. She capitalised on her celebrity by cashing in anywhere she could. During this period, she ditched her Jordan alter-ego and revealed her actual personality to the world, and the UK fell in love with her.

Katie has appeared in series such as Katie & Peter, What Katie Did Next, Signed By Katie Price, and My Crazy Life. In 2015, she won Celebrity Big Brother, and in 2021, she competed in Celebrity MasterChef.

Katie’s net worth is currently less than £1 million, or slightly over £770,000. Katie’s net worth was reported to be £45 million during the height of her career because of her engagement in fashion, television, writing, and modelling.

Is Katie Price facing incarceration?

After being nabbed for alcohol driving while still on the road. Police raided the former beauty model’s house on Friday night, and she was detained on suspicion of violating a restraining order. According to reports, the 43-year-old violated a court order prohibiting her from seeing her ex-husband Kieran Hayler’s fiancée.

Katie and Kieran were both arrested after it was revealed on Thursday that they were assisting police with inquiries into an alleged sexual assault of a juvenile. Katie, who is married to Hayler and has two children with him, is claimed to have texted Michelle Pentecost, with whom she has a young boy.

If confirmed, the mother-of-five has violated the conditions of her 16-week suspended sentence for drunk driving, which might result in her being sentenced to jail. Katie was detained at her house and transported 12 miles to Worthing police station in West Sussex, where she is still being held.

In 2019, the 43-year-old was issued a restraining order after yelling obscenities at her ex-companion husband Michelle outside the primary school where her children Jett and Bunny attended. “At 5.45 pm on Friday (January 21), officers responded to an allegation that a suspect had broken their restraining order,” Sussex Police stated.

“Officers detained a lady in her 40s, held in prison while investigations continue.” Katie’s automobile was totaled in September as she was traveling to meet a friend at 6.20 am.

She pled guilty to alcohol driving, driving without insurance, and violating a road prohibition after the event.

Katie was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, a two-year driving restriction, and a 16-week prison term postponed for a year at Crawley magistrates court last month, despite escaping imprisonment.

In a decade, Katie’s sixth driving offense occurred in September, yet she escaped spending Christmas in jail. In 2019, Katie was served with a five-year restraining order by Kieran’s partner Michelle. Katie, previously known as ‘Jordan,’ pled guilty to harassing others by using threatening or abusive words or behavior.

“You may kiss my kid, but you can’t say hello,” Katie reportedly told Michelle at the school gates as she was conversing with another parent.

Michelle and Kieran met in the school where their children are students and now have a kid together. Katie and Kieran married in 2013 but split up a year later when Katie found he had cheated on her with her 20-year friend Jane Pountney and was having an affair with another of her friends, Chrissy Thomas.

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