Who Is Kindly Myers?

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Kindly Myers is a famous model, Tiktok star, social media influencer, and former army officer. She is known for her model figure and amazing photoshoots. She also gained popularity through her social media handles. 

She has also worked for many famous magazines like Playboy, Maxim, etc. she also makes various lip-sync videos on TikTok and has gained popularity through Onlyfans. Many want to know more about her life. You will find everything in this article, so keep on reading!

Kindly Myers Biography

Who Is Kindly Myers?

Kindly Myers was born on 20th September 1985 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. She grew up in northern Tennessee, USA, and lives with her family in Nashville. She has two sisters, and her mother had to raise them alone after Kindly’s father died when she was two. 

She is a middle child and has one younger and one older sister. Her younger sister is Kelly Myers, who is also a model but prefers to focus more on her personal life. 

She served in Nashville’s army national guard for four years after she received her diploma. She likes to spend time with Kelly’s sons and is very close to her sisters. She attended Winter Haven High School for her education. 

The exact name of the institution for a bachelor’s Degree is unknown, but she completed her bachelor’s from a reputed college. 

Kindly Myers Career 

Who Is Kindly Myers?

Kindly Myers’s career started with her position in the army national guard. After serving four years, she left and began working as a bartender at Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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 Later on, kindly began her modeling career. Cheapest started as a customer service agent at Walmart. she also played the representative sales role for Abercrombie and Fitch. One of the most significant achievements in her modeling career was that she became a speaker model for redneck Riviera. 

She has also appeared in many famous magazines. She also collaborated with the Vine app and many famous people. She also was a speaker at the international bikini models competition. 

Kindly Myers Relationship

The famous and gorgeous model keeps her private life away from the eyes of the people. She has been very personal about her relationship. Kindly is currently in a committed relationship with Harrison Yonts. 

She has posted a few photos with him, and they have been dating for quite some time now. Kindly and Harrison have been known to be in a relationship for 4-5 years now. There has yet to be any news about marriage or engagement. 

Net Worth of Kindly Myers

Who Is Kindly Myers?

Kindly currently lives in Nashville along with her family. She lives in a beautiful house and has a Cadillac CTS-V car. Her net worth is known to be $2-3 million. She earns through her TikTok videos, modeling, and commercials. 

She has also done many proportions and has been known to earn a million from these commercial ads that Kindly do. 

Some Interesting Facts about Kindly Myers

Here are some interesting facts about Kindly Myers that not many people know: 

  • She is an animal lover: Kindly Myers is an animal lover and is often posting pictures with horses. She also promotes animal safety. 
  •   Tattoo on the flank area: Kindly Myers has a massive tattoo on the flank area. Anyone who follows Kindly or has seen a picture of her can notice that she has a tattoo on her flank area that says ‘Invictus,’ a Latin word. 
  • Loves sports: She also loves sports and plays in her free time. She is a big fan of basketball and loves to play along with her sister’s sons. 
  • Learned to shoot: Yes, Kindly learned how to shoot a gun. She learned that during her training for the army. 
  • Loves traveling: Kindly Myers loves to travel and is often seen traveling to Miami, Orlando, California, and many other places. She also posts quite usually about her traveling experiences.   
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Social Media of Kindly Myers

Kindly’s Instagram account has more than 3.5 Million followers. Her id is under the name Kindly. She is also active on Twitter, Tiktok, and youtube. Her hobbies are Travelling and photoshoots. 

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