Who is Lady Loki?

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Lady Loki in graphic novels it takes that form after the Ragnarok, which is the moment when Asgard is destroyed by Surtur. The inhabitants of this magical place revive in Oklahoma as humans. The warrior and companion of Thor, Lady Sif, returns with her mind too weak and is possessed by Loki. So this character begins to meet up with several of Marvel’s worst villains: Doctor Doom, Norman Osborn y los Dark Avengers.

The version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not in possession of the body of Lady Sif. It is a variant of the TVA “gender fluid” who can change sex at will. It is played by the actress Sophia Di Martino on Disney+.

Know the secrets of Lady Loki

The truth is that the Mobius agent interrupted the trial of Loki on the VAT and recruited him to aid in the capture of a particularly dangerous variant. In the second episode of the series Disney+, it is discovered that it is nothing more and nothing less than the female version of the God of Deception.

What are you doing Lady Loki? Take advantage of “apocalyptic” occasions throughout history to avoid being detected and attack agents of the VAT to develop a plan that could cause an absolute break in reality from the destruction of the natural timeline of the universe. This is one of the worst threats faced by the temp agency.

Everything indicates that the version of the MCU from Lady Loki It will not have much to do with the one presented in the cartoons, but that does not reduce the danger and mystery of the character played by Sophia Di Martino. The end of the second episode reveals the deceptive nature of both variants, the female and the male, who escape together after launching an attack on the VAT. How does this story continue?

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The answer, next Wednesday in Disney+. You can subscribe here to the platform and enjoy all the episodes of the series plus the content of Marvel. What are you waiting for?

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