Who is Maria Giovanna Adamo, Can Yaman’s new girlfriend

Who is Maria Giovanna Adamo, Can Yaman's new girlfriend

The life of Can Yaman has always aroused the interest of the press and its followers. Since he rose to fame with the television series “Dreaming Bird” (“Erkenci Kus”), his name has not stopped ringing out loud in and out of Turkey.

At the age of 32, he enjoys enormous international fame as an actor in series and soap operas, he is also a model thanks to his great physical attractiveness that made him one of the Turkish leading men par excellence. Today he has millions of followers in the world who are watching him.

Can Yaman He is characterized by being very reserved with his private life, does not give interviews, and does not usually make intimate comments on social networks. However, there is not a day when he is not in the center of attention because of his romantic situation. Above all, after ending his relationship with the Italian journalist Diletta Leotta. Who is the Turkish actor with now?

Can Yaman has a reputation for being a true conqueror. The Turkish actor and model have a great physical attractiveness that makes him a true heartthrob. The protagonist of “Dreaming Bird” is highly desired and it is logical that many women and people in general fall at his feet.

Although he is usually reserved with his love life, some romances of the Turkish actor have been known. Can Yaman and Italian journalist Diletta Leotta star in a romantic movie love story? Together they seemed like the perfect couple and they had an intense romance. Sadly, their love affair came to an end in October this year.

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After their separation was confirmed, rumors began to surface that Can Yaman had already found another person who is occupying a place in his heart. It is about Maria Giovanna Adamo, a 25-year-old model, who has become the actor’s new girlfriend.

The Italian magazine ‘Chi’, which was the first to publish Can’s romance with Diletta, has reported that the Turkish actor has an affair with model Maria Giovanna Adamo.

According to the magazine, Can Yaman and Maria Giovanna Adamo met on the set of ‘Viola come il mare’, the series that the Turkish actor is currently shooting in Italy. So yes, they have been wearing very little, but it seems that the girl has already known the Can Yaman environment.

In fact, it was Can’s father who has put the Italian media on the trail of the new romance. For the actor’s birthday, his father published a video on his social networks with photographs of his son with different people. Among them was Maria Giovanna, the model who has conquered the Turkish heartthrob.

Maria Giovanna Adamo is a 25-year-old Neapolitan model known on the set of “Viola Como el mar”, the new fiction produced by Lux Vide whose filming took place in Palermo.

The young woman also recently participated in the Carlo Verdone television series recently released on Amazon Prime Video, “Vita da Carlo,” in which she has a small role. Not much else is known about her at the moment, except that she has certainly established a certain relationship with the actor.

Maria Giovanna Adamo has nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram. On the social network, the model shares images of her posing, some parties, and many moments from her daily life. In an Instagram story, the young woman had posted a photo with Can Yaman that can still be found in her featured stories.

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