Who is Maripier Morin: Life History and Career

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Maripier Morin is a well-known Quebecois TV host, performer, and entrepreneur. There is a recent rumor that the entertainer was involved in an accident, although there are no official reports available about the rumor.

She appeared in the unscripted tv series Occupation Double in 2006, which was one of her most enduring TV roles. Morin appeared as a model in Le Banquier, a Canadian television show, and the Quebec version of “Deal or No Deal” after being eliminated from the unscripted Television drama.

Morin appeared on Salut Bonjour, Sucre bargain, and Deux Filies le matin while serving as a presenter for TVA, a Canadian telecom business that broadcasts in French. As a side project to the TV competition The Voice, she also co-facilitated the TVA organization’s La Voix Junior.

Keep reading this article to learn more about Maripier Morin, including her early life, work, spouse, and numerous other details.

Who is Maripier Morin?

Maripier Morin, a Canadian actress, entrepreneur, TV personality, and columnist, was born in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, on July 7, 1986.

She will be 36 years old in 2022.

Morin, a native of the province of Quebec, is a Canadian citizen and a member of the Maripier mixed ethnic group with French-Canadian ancestry. She professes to be a Christian and takes her attendance at church quite seriously.

She is well-known as a model and fashion consultant and co-hosts the French Canadian television show Menage a Trois. She is a well-known internet personality with 50k followers on Twitter and more than 500k on Instagram. According to astrologers, Maripier Morin was born with the sign of Cancer.

Morin was brought up in her native Canada’s Rivière-du-Loup City. Her mother, Alair Morin, works as a homemaker, while her father, Absolon Morin, owns a business in the area. 

She shared her early years with Mathieu Morin, a younger brother. Indeed, the siblings adore one another very much.

Maripier Morin’s Career

Morin is an intelligent & well-educated woman. She attended Edu-Inter French School for her elementary education. After graduating high school, she began to feature in reality TV programs.

Morin made her debut on television in 2006 as a contestant on the reality tv series Occupation Double. On Le Banquier, the Quebec version of “Deal or No Deal,” she appeared as a model.

As presenter of the web series Planète V for the V network in 2010, Morin then transitioned to reporting for C’est extra.

She started covering cultural events for the program District V in 2012. She took over as host of Ça commence bien, the morning program for the V network, in the fall of 2012 and provided weather, arts, and culture coverage.

After the final episode of District V aired in 2014 and modifications were made to Ça commence bien, V appointed her and Patrick Langlois as co-hosts of Ménage à trois.

Morin has become a well-known TV personality thanks to her role in “Hockey Wives.” A Canadian documentary tv series called Hockey Wives made its debut on the W Network on March 18, 2015, and it is still airing.

The same year, she was featured in the music video for Simple Plan’s “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” and was named the primary spokesperson for Revlon in Quebec.

In addition to launching her own website and lingerie collection in association with the Montreal-based brand Blush, she began working as a reporter for Accès Illimité in 2017.

Morin was selected to anchor Face au Mur in 2018, the Quebec version of The Wall. Additionally, she and Jean-Philippe Dion were chosen to co-host the 2018 Gala Artis, and she was nominated in 2 categories for the same event.

She made her film debut the same year, playing the lead in Denys Arcand’s The Fall of the American Empire (La chute de l’empire américain).

Morin hosted the stage show Studio G in 2019 and the documentary film Mais Pourquoi? which covered topics like nudity, video games, muscle building, religion, and egg freezing.

Additionally, she appeared in the movie Jexi as Rose Byrne’s voiceover artist. For two seasons, she played Sophie Taylor, the series’ primary character in the criminal thriller La Faille (2019, 2021). She played the lead in the 2022 movie Arlette.

Maripier Morin’s Controversy 

Safia Nolin charged Morin of verbally and sexually harassing her overnight at a pub 2018 on July 7, 2020. Nolin claimed that Morin groped her, bit her thigh, and said offensive and discriminatory things.

Although Morin expressed regret, she did not address the specific charge she had spoken about in a discriminatory manner. Nolin, who had a photo of bite marks around her thigh, chose not to report the incident.

It was revealed that BonLook, Blush, and Buick would no longer work with Morin. Morin declared that she would take a break from her career. The websites of television networks have removed a number of videos that featured Morin.

Morin appeared in the media for the first time since the accusations in May 2021 on Tout le monde en parle. For physical assault, unwanted touching, and racial slurs made between 2017 & 2020, she officially apologized to five victims.

According to Morin, she underwent a three-month alcohol addiction treatment program. Morin publicly acknowledged having a cocaine addiction on the first edition of the podcasts Un espresso con Angelo in December 2021.

She stated that she had been cocaine-free for one year and four months at the moment of her declaration.

Is Maripier married?

In 2015, Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust became engaged. Prust is a former left winger for the Canadian national ice hockey team. 

He has participated in NHL (National Hockey League) games for the Flames, Phoenix Coyotes, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, & Vancouver Canucks.

In 2017 after just 2 years, the couple was hitched. Both parties’ interactions were going nicely. They even rose to the status of one of the most adored pairs in North America.

Maripier’s situation did not, however, turn out well. As a result, they broke up in 2019. Both of them found it challenging to accept. They nevertheless interpreted it favorably for their upcoming travels.

After Morin and her first husband divorced, she grew close to Jean-Philippe Perras. The two contented folks have been dating since April 2020. The couple welcomed their first child in May 2022.

The Brome, Missisquoi, Perkins hospital was the birthplace of Morin’s son. Both of them posted updates about their newborn on Instagram. The actress shared many pictures of herself and her child on Instagram a few days ago.

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