Who is Mati Marroni? Here are the Details

The emergence of social media has made many people popular. In some cases, a single photograph or video posted by the users turned them into a celebrity overnight. Do you not believe us? Well, there are many examples to mention, including that of Mati Marroni.

Mati Marroni’s one video has made her extremely popular all over social media. The video did not have any context, and just included Mati eating a burger. Little did she know that the clip would spread like wildfire and make her famous!

It brings us to a question – Who exactly is Mati Marroni?

Read this article till the end to find out.

Who is Mati Marroni?

Mati Marroni is an American model, content creator, and social media influencer who has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers throughout social media. Born on the 19th of January, 2002, Mati is half Armenian and half Uruguayan. Currently, she resides with her family in Houston, Texas.

The Viral Video that Made Mati Famous

Mati quickly rose to social media prominence as a result of her video where she flaunts her curvy body. Although the video cannot be termed as ‘adult or explicit’ on the surface, Mati seems to be flaunting her curves while eating a burger. The 8-second video clip received millions of views.

In one of her interviews, the now social media star revealed that she blew up on Instagram after posting a video of her eating a burger from Whataburger while wearing a piece of revealing clothing. Mati mentioned that she was only 16 when she took that video.

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According to her, that 8-second video changed her entire life upside down and opened many doors for her, allowing her to meet many people and show a different side of her life. Following this, she traveled across the globe and interacted with many people. Her overall experience of becoming a social media sensation has been ‘insane’.

But at the same time, she revealed that the popularity of social media also comes with drawbacks, one of which is catfishing. The social media sensation has been catfished many times on the internet. She even posted catfished accounts of her which have accumulated millions of followers online.

Mati has a Massive Following on OnlyFans

Mati has an OnlyFans account with a massive fan following. The star doesn’t shy away from posting slightly bold content on the platform. In fact, when asked what kind of content she posts there, she stated, “I post my tit**ies, I post pictures of my coochie, I go crazy truly honestly.”

When asked about her social media strategy to maintain the fandom, she says the best approach is to have a free trial on your profile to get the guy in and then up-sell with content from there.

Is Mati Dating Someone?

Time and again, fans have been extremely curious about Mati’s private life. When asked whether she is in a relationship, Mati responded,

“I actually don’t really talk to boys, don’t really go on dates with boys, don’t really like boys, it is really hard for me to like one.”

She was then countered with another question if she is instead into girls. The teenager had an answer to this too,

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“I don’t know, I am confused, I don’t even know to be honest.”

Revealing more about her private life, Mati shared she had never been with a boy in a romantic way all her life. She stated she has a confusing perception of the ‘whole soulmate thing’. She further added she doesn’t really understand the hype of a girl being with a boy.

Can I Follow Mati Marroni on Instagram?


Besides OnlyFans, Mati is active on other social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. You can follow me on IG. Whether it is her official accounts or made by fans remains unknown. Her handle is @matiimarronii. She has a following of 600k followers.

What is Mati Marroni’s Net Worth? 

Being a social media star, Mati enjoys an impressive net worth of $500k. A major portion of her income comes from various endorsements she keeps doing now and then. She also earns from her OnlyFans account, the subscription of which is $20 a month. 

Lesser-Known Facts about Mati Marroni 

  • When talking about her family details, Mati likes to keep them private. Not much is known about her family, except that she has roots in the South American nation of Uruguay. Apparently, she is related to Diego Alvarez, an ex-football player of Akatsuki FC. It is presumed that the model and soccer player are brother and sister. 
  • Her fans asked her to do reaction videos; however, it looks like Mati is not game for it. On one of her Twitch live streams, she shared, “I feel like reacting to YouTube videos is fake, like the whole time I am watching videos, I am like standing with a dull face. So, I feel like me reacting to that is going to be just like staged, and I don’t wanna do stage shit.” 
  • Mati’s Twitch streamer has a following of 5k users. 
  • When talking about the negative effects of fame, she revealed that there are many fake profiles in her name. She warned her catfishers to stop indulging in such practices. 
  • Mati is a great supporter of women empowerment. One of her dreams is to change the way how women are treated all over the world. She wants to actively participate in women empowerment movements when she grows up. 
  • The teenage celebrity has admitted that many celebrities have reached out to her. But when asked about their names, the star preferred to keep mum. 
  • According to some sources, there have been a few or two times when Mati has received a proposal to star in an adult web series in addition to more sensual photography shoots. Her response to these proposals remains unknown.
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