Who is Mauricio Abad, the Peruvian actor with thousands of followers who joins Luis Miguel’s series

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It is a matter of hours for the third and final season from Luis Miguel, the series arrive at Netflix. This biography of the “Sun of Mexico” Without a doubt, it conquered the Latin American public and brought its history and songs to the newer generations. With a more than known plot, now his production will bet on the new additions to the cast as a fundamental attraction. And one of them is already making people talk even before its launch.

Is about Mauricio Abad (24), one of the actors who will join the cast led by Diego Boneta and that, precisely, he will play Luis Miguel’s brother. This time, he will put himself in the shoes of the adult version of Sergio Basteri, a character that until now has been played by Axel Llunas and that has shown the conflicts of his childhood with a grandmother willing to do anything as the main axis of discussion.

When Luis Miguel was only 14 years old and was already releasing his third studio album, the third son of Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri that little by little has become more relevant in the series. But … who is the artist that interprets it? It is about Mauricio Abad, an actor Peruvian what is the rage in Instagram and that accumulates more than 600 thousand followers of all the world. And this figure does not stop growing, even without having seen it in the popular Netflix series yet.

Abad arrived in Mexico two years ago and, in addition to getting involved in acting studying in small studios, he was in charge of work as a model and sell perfumes to sustain its economy. But an opportunity catapulted him towards his greatest dream: he starred Like: The Legend, a remake of Rebel premiered in Televisa during 2018, which gave him the popularity he was looking for.

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Among other roles, he has participated in What happens to my family? and Princesses. And although they were successful productions in their countries of origin, I had never before been part of an international project as large as it is. Luis Miguel, the series. Everything seems to indicate that Mauricio Abad will have his great moment of fame and will not disappoint thanks to his experience in other television series.

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