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Who is Mariah Bird? Larry Bird’s Daughter

Larry Bird is widely renowned as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Besides his celebrated professional life, his personal life has been a subject of interest among fans and netizens. Larry does not have a controversial personal life. On the contrary, a lot is discussed about his adoptive daughter, Mariah. Fans of Larry are curious and want to know details about Mariah.

We have tried to cover all the possible details about Mariah Bird. Read this article till the end to find out.

Who is Mariah Bird?

Mariah Bird is one of the two children of the former Boston Celtics forward with the number 33 jersey. Larry Bird adopted his daughter and made her his legal child. Mariah is an American, born in Indianapolis in the 90s. The information of her exact date of birth remains under wraps.

Mariah’s biological parents are not known. Her adoptive father, Larry, was first married to Janet Condra in 1975. However, the couple ultimately decided to call it quits. Their marriage lasted only a year. The couple, however, welcomed their first biological child, Corrie Bird.

In 1989, Larry tied the knot with his current wife, Dina Mattingly. It was when the duo decided to adopt their little girl, Mariah, who has been part of their family ever since. Dinah Mattingly is known as a celebrity wife who rose to fame after getting hitched by Larry. Even though little to nothing is known about the woman, Larry often shares that his massive success in his basketball career is the result of the support from his wife. She has played a vital role in his life and continues to do so.

Mariah’s Education and Career

Mariah completed her high school education, after which she secured admission in the renowned Boston University. She also enrolled at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science and recreation. Currently, she is working as an event manager at Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

Besides being a professional events manager, Mariah also served as a cheerleader when she was young and in high school.

What is Mariah Bird’s Net Worth?

Larry Bird’s daughter is driven towards making a successful event manager career for herself. Reportedly, she has a net worth of $950,000 and earns an average annual salary of $80,473. However, no confirmation is given on the said piece of report. Following the celebrity status of her father, Mariah lives a luxurious life in her $2.35 million home built by her doting papa.

Is Mariah Bird Dating Someone?

Mariah Bird lives a very understated life and doesn’t look forward to sharing the bits and pieces of her personal life. Thus, whether or not Mariah is single remains unanswered. On one side, the celebrity daughter likes to keep things under wraps, but on the other hand, her father loves to engage in dialogues with his fans. The former basketball player is very active when it comes to interaction about his personal life details.

Can I Find Mariah Bird on Instagram?

As mentioned previously, Mariah is not fond of sharing glimpses of her personal life with the public. Thus, you will not find her on any social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Apparently, Mariah seems to enjoy real life more than the virtual world. Her fans, though hope the celebrity daughter soon joins social media like her father and gives them insight into her daily life.

What are Mariah Bird’s Future Dreams?

Being the child of renowned basketball players, Mariah does everything best in her capacity to gain an individual identity for herself. According to some reports, she is a very hardworking person and dreams of achieving much more in life. We hope Mariah fulfills all her dreams and ambitions and gets what she wants.  

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