Who is Michael Xavier?

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Many admirers are curious whether Michael Xavier’s father is similarly well-known as his stepfather because he married the stunning daughter of American star Eddie Murphy.

A multi-talented Canadian actor, Xavier has since dazzled hundreds of audiences with his outstanding acting abilities. He notably contributed to several blockbusters in the entertainment sector.

In the drama film entitled Make It Happen, in which he played the part of Marcus, he made his film debut in 2008.

He has won praise for his excellent performance in the films Shazam!, A Swingers Vacation, 88, Rookie Blue, Don’t Jump Up, and A Christmas Treasures.

Michael’s work consistently impresses his followers, and everyone adores his effortless acting in every role. They also love his different on-screen demeanour. Michael’s drama skills have helped him establish a solid reputation in the entertainment industry.

Michael Xavier Early Years

Michael Xavier was born on September 20, 1985, in Ottawa, Canada. He comes from an African-Canadian family of the middle class. At age 10, Xavier, the middle child of five, showed a strong interest in performing arts. Michael, at 18, went to Ontario in 2003 with the full backing of his friends and family.

Michael Xavier Education

After finishing his basic studies at Knutsford High, Michael Xavier started learning acting and became quite interested in it. Thereafter, in order to complete his acting education and enter the field, he attended Manchester Metropolitan University. He graduated in 1999.

Michael Xavier Family

His parents educated him at a nearby high school while raising him in Ontario, Canada. In the meanwhile, a lot of people online are speculating about his family history. Nonetheless, a lot of people believe that his dad is Canadian. However, he did not reveal many private details about his family members in the open. His father, meanwhile, seldom ever appears in public. There isn’t much information about him on social media, so he may prefer to keep his private affairs private.

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Michael Xavier Career

Who is Michael Xavier?

After graduating, Xavier immediately began acting in plays. Before getting a regular part in a Canadian programme in 2008, he also booked a few programmes as an extra. In 2011, Xavier received widespread acclaim and a Laurence Oliver Trophy for “Cinderella’s Prince.” Xavier has acted in a lot of films and TV episodes since 2010. His major projects include “The Expanse” on Amazon, “Ordinary Times,” “A Swinger’s Holiday,” “Northern Rescue,” “Private Eyes,” “Taken,” and “The Fearless Type” on Netflix, as well as a big part in the 2019 box office sensation “Shazam.”

Xavier’s career took a new turn on the Hallmark Channel in 2017. Since then, he has starred in eight-holiday films, catapulting his notoriety among suburbanites to new heights. In 2022, Xavier began a new phase in his private life and started a new chapter as a spouse after marrying Bria Murphy, a graphic designer and Eddie Murphy’s daughter. His following initiatives, including further Christmas-themed ones, generate excitement among fans everywhere. 

Michael Xavier Married Life 

Recently, Bria Murphy and Michael Xavier, a well-known English actor and singer, were married. His wife is Eddie Murphy’s daughter, a famous actor.

About His Wife, Bria 

Shayne Audra, Bella, Zola, and Myles are Bria’s other three siblings. She was born in October 1989. In 2005, her parents, Nicole Mitchell and Eddie Murphy, divorced. 

The oldest of her siblings, Bria, enjoys sketching and the arts. In an episode of the television series Baby Daddy and the TV show Love That Girl!, the 32-year-old actress made her professional acting debut in 2011. In addition, she has had appearances in The Start It up, Hollywood Exes, and The Games.

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Michael Xavier Awards 

A well-known starring guy in the present theatre world is Michael. He has received two nominations for the Olivier Awards: once for “Best Actor in a Musical” (Oliver in Love Story) and once for “Top Performance in a Leading Character in a Musical”. 

Xavier Michael’s net worth 

Who is Michael Xavier?

Michael Xavier is a remarkable individual with an incredible work of art. He has performed a lot of work as an artist and vocalist. More than 40 films and television programmes feature Xavier. 

He has achieved great success with his theatrical pieces, some of which are among his best. With his theatre performances, Xavier has also received multiple nominations for awards. In addition, he founded MX Masterclass and also worked as a presenter. He has also performed well as a vocalist. Michael Xavier’s current net worth is $7 million. 


In the UK, Michael Xavier is a fantastic actor and vocalist. People have praised him for his acting skills, which he has exhibited most prominently in theatres. He has performed in theatre for almost 20 years, making him a talented performer. Xavier is a performer with several skills who can sing and present.

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