Who is Mikhaila Peterson? A Clinical Psychologist & Jordan Peterson’s Daughter

Jordan Peterson is a well-known clinical psychologist in Canada. He is also a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of Jordan Peterson, who is famous for writing several books and youtube videos. Let us know more about her in detail in the further segment.

About Mikhaila Peterson

Mikhaila Peterson was born on 4 January 1997 in Ontario, Canada. She is the only daughter of Jordan and Tammy Peterson. She grew up with her younger brother named, Julian. Just like her father, she has a keen interest in psychology. She completed her bachelor’s degree in biological and biomedical science from Ryerson University, Ontario. Later she applied for higher education in psychology at Concordia University, Montreal. 

Even after completing the master’s, she is unsatisfied with her present attire. She also attended George Brown college continuing her studies to become a makeup artist. Later in her life, she married the love of her life. Her husband’s name is Andrey Kulikov. Andrey is a Russian-origin businessman. They both have a beautiful daughter. They named her Elizabeth.

When her daughter was born, their relationship was a little shaky. They both were having issues in their personal life, which affected them mentally. So she decided to leave the marriage and get a divorce. In 2021 she announced a divorce from her first husband. Later she married again with Jordan Filler in June 2022. After a short time of dating, her father told them about their marriage. 

Early Life

She was not an easy child at an early age. She has faced many difficulties in her upbringing. She suffered from severe joint pain and many other health issues from an early age. Due to this, she was hospitalized many times in the early period. By the year 2015, she was diagnosed with depression. The stage of depression was serious and needed regular attention for the cure.

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Along with depression, she was also diagnosed with type two bipolar disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Both conditions are hard to manage alone and need constant attention from Mikhaila for treatment. She took medicine for a very long time but could not find any improvement. She started feeling that the journey was never-ending, and she had to endure this throughout her life. But the answers were lying on the other pages. 

She decided to change her lifestyle and diet plans along with the medicines. She introduced ruminant meat into her diet, like beef, lamb, etc. ruminant meat is a good source of saturated fatty acids, which helps nourish the body and improves immunity. Later in the phases, she started seeing a lot of improvement in her body. 


Her extreme health condition has become a source of inspiration for her. Now she is stitching everyone in the group on fighting such health conditions. After experiencing a great uplift with diet help, she started her career as a fitness blogger and diet expert. She encourages people to follow a carnivorous diet, which greatly improves their health conditions. As a carnivorous diet is rich in proteins, which are the body’s basic building blocks, it helps replenish and rejuvenate the body to a great extent. Thus becoming the direct reason for great health in the body.

She sees that people are listening to her and are ready to give it a chance on her terms. She founded a diet club named Lio Diet Inc with numerous others. The main aim of the diet club is to eliminate all dairy products and stick to fulfilling the body’s nutritional needs. The major element of the diet was beef, salt, and water.

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She uses her Instagram page to reach the neediest and share her diet plan. As the members started connecting with the club, they saw better health conditions quickly. From this journey, she started becoming famous among the people. Later in 2018, she started her blog on a diet. 

Later that year, she cracked the deal and became CEO of Luminate Enterprises. The company is very famous and has multiple areas of work. It holds the other six subsidies in the industry, like app development. Touring publishing branding and brand management. She started becoming a well-known personality in public. Her online appearances increased, and she had many followers on her Instagram pages. 

Later in 2019, she expanded her approach to youtube. She sticks to her carnivorous diet plan and starts uploading videos about the diet plan. After a year, she also started her podcast named “Mikhaila Peterson Podcast.” show became famous as she began bringing scientists and health specialists together to share popular views on the topics. However, the topic did not stick to health only; she also invited other socialists and people to talk about current issues or any other issues. 

Later she also started a top-rated series, ” opposing views.” The series aims to examine both sides of the controversial issues. Her family fully supported her. She often invites her father, a well-known psychologist, to share their views on the topics. As she kept asking famous personalities into the group, she reached 769,000 subscribers and more than 115 million lifetime views—an amazing growth. 

Net Worth And Earnings

She has reached great heights of success through her lion diet and youtube views. It is expected that her net worth will be around 35000 dollars annually. Her followers and subscribers keep growing as she is still a work in progress. That will change her earnings figure, and she will soon become one of the most influential figures. 

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She is trendy on Instagram too. She also supports some brands through her profile and receives a good amount of income. If we take a figure in perspective to her blogs, then it is expected to have 40,000 dollars annually. She is also the CEO of a famous company, giving her a good six-figure salary. This, all in the count, makes her net over 1 million dollars. This makes her a good annual income turnover because of the hard work and efforts she put in throughout her life.

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