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The whole culinary industry of America remembers Anthony Bourdain as a renowned chef. He was also a travel documentarian and an author who unfortunately passed away in 2018 by taking his own life. There are varied theories behind his suicide.

Anthony have had a celebrated professional career. He is remembered for his extraordinary culinary skills and also for his appearance in various programs in which he explored and showcased international culture, cuisine and the human condition. But when it comes to his personal life, it was full of ups and downs. The deceased chef is survived by two ex-wives – Ottavia Busia-Bourdain and Nancy Putkoski.

While the chef had several relationships with women throughout his lifetime, the one with Nancy must have had a special place in his heart. She was his first wife and the duo were together for over two decades.

Read the story till the end to find out about Nancy.

Who is Nancy Putkoski?

Nancy Putkoski is known for being the first wife to Anthony Bourdain. She was born on the 8th of April, 1955 in Fort Lee. As of 2023, she is 67 years old. Nancy grew up in a Caucasian household and her family had always been supportive towards her decisions in life. No established details about the family members in her family is available on the internet.

Nancy was enrolled at the Dwight-Englewood School for her high school education. It was the same school where she and Anthony first met. Anthony was a class behind her. According to him. Nancy was renowned as a ‘bad girl’ in the high school, and was also a part of the ‘druggy crowd’.

Although she might have been a little out of order in her school, she was equally studious. Nancy graduated high school and motivated Anthony to finish it a year earlier so that they could join the college together. The duo eventually took admission in the Vassar College, where Nancy completed her studies.

Young Nancy and Anthony

Nancy was raised in a supportive family, however, things were not the same for Anthony. If she attended a private high school in New Jersey before getting admission in Vassar College, an elite institution of higher learning, Anthony was raised in a family of least comfortable financial means. Despite being financially unstable during his college days, Anthony attended the same college as Nancy’s, however he dropped out after a while.

When did Nancy and Anthony Start Dating?

As they were high school and college sweethearts, Nancy’s romantic life revolved mostly around Anthony. When Anthony first saw Nancy, he was greatly smitten by her ‘bad girl’ persona. He was so much in love with her that she ended up convincing him to graduate one year early so that they could get admission in the same course in college.

While Nancy was still pursuing her college education, Anthony dropped out midway to attend culinary school. But it did not affect their relationship at all and it continued to thrive. They went on seeing each other even after settling in New York. After years of dating, they decided to take their romantic relationship to the next level.

When did Nancy and Anthony Get Married?

Nancy and Anthony exchanged vows in 1985. The duo settled and continued to live in New York. While Nancy worked several jobs to make ends meet, Anthony chose the culinary industry to build his professional career and worked at the Rainbow Room. Rockefeller Center.

In one of his interviews, Anthony described his married life as a relatively quiet domestic life. However, he continued that the duo also engaged in drugs and took risky adventures along the way, including multiple encounters with cops and DEA agents on several instances.

Unfortunately, the marriage between them did not survive. After becoming famous, Anthony started travelling places, which apparently, drifted the ex-husband and wife apart. Reportedly, Nancy did not like traveling or being in the limelight so much, which made Anthony travel alone for several months a year.

After a lot of tiff, the couple proceeded towards divorce in 2005. Anthony and Nancy did not have children as according to the former, he would not be a good father.

Anthony Married for the Second Time

While it is unknown if Nancy married for the second time after her divorce, her ex-husband took this step. He got married to Ottavia Busia and even changed his stance of making a bad father. Together, they had a daughter. However, soon after, Anthony and Ottavia parted ways.

What is Nancy Putkoski’s Net Worth?

A little is known about Nancy’s professional life which puts the question of her net worth into a mystery. Given her private nature and low-key profile, her net worth remains unknown. However, reportedly, she received a fraction of her husband’s fortune as a part of their divorce settlement.

The amount of settlement wouldn’t have been much as they were divorced in 2005 when the celebrity chef was starting to take off his career.

Where is Nancy Putkoski Today?

After parting ways with Anthony in 2005, Nancy disappeared from the limelight. She has not been active anywhere, not even social media. Thus, the details about her personal life and whereabouts remain unknown.

Why Did Anthony Bourdain Take his Life?

Anthony Bourdain killed himself after becoming the kind of monster he had vowed fame would never turn him. This statement came out directly from his biographer, writer Charles Leerhsen who released a book on the celebrity chef.

According to Charles, in his final days, Anthony realised he was a bully, a neglectful dad, and obsessed with his younger girlfriend, Asia Argento.

The new unauthorized biography, Down and Out in Paradise – The Life of Anthony Bourdain describes the details of his final days. According to it, Anthony took shelter in a French hotel in his last days.

Charles describes,

“He was a mature man and he understood what was happening to him more than a younger person if they get swept up in fame in their twenties. He vowed never to become that sort of monster that fame can turn you into.”

He continued,

“I think in his last months, if not his last hours, he came to realise he had in fact become this terribly bully to the people he worked with, he had become a neglectful father, and everything was all about his obsession with this woman. I think he had a moment of enlightenment which was also like the moment of despair because that was the thing he had vowed never to become.”

Anthony was found by his friend Eric Ripert dead of an apparent suicide by hanging in his room at the La Chambard hotel in Kayserberg in the northeastern Alsace region.

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