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Who is Olivia Henson, the Duke of Westminster's Wife?

Who is Olivia Henson, the Duke of Westminster’s Wife?

It was a disheartening revelation for U.K. tabloids when they learned that the new Duchess of Westminster, Olivia Henson, maintained no presence on social media. This absence meant there were no old photos or party snaps for journalists to mine through. Nonetheless, what could be gleaned from Henson’s limited online footprint suggested that she led a relatively low-key lifestyle.

Henson’s first official portrait with her fiancé, Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, further emphasized her relaxed approach to her newfound fame. In the portrait, Henson appears in comfortable linen trousers and a slouchy turquoise top, accessorized with a simple silver pendant necklace. Her long brown hair is swept by the wind, adding a touch of glamour, but she kept her makeup minimal, showcasing a glossy, natural complexion.

The Duke complemented her casual yet refined style, sporting simple black trousers and a casually elegant linen shirt in royal blue. A friend of the Duke of Westminster discussed his personality in an interview with The Times, noting that “Hughie,” as his friends call him, has a “quite low-key” demeanor. The friend further elaborated, “He takes his roles very seriously, but when he’s not working he’s relaxed.” This relaxed disposition seems to be a trait shared by Henson, as suggested by both her impressive employment history and the recently released engagement photo.

Despite the meticulous scrutiny of those eager to dissect every aspect of their relationship, the couple’s public appearances and personal attitudes indicate that they both value a sense of normalcy and privacy. The lack of sensationalism means that the spotlight on their engagement primarily revolves around their genuine, understated bond rather than exaggerated tales or historical dirt.

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