Who is Orlando Brown Married to?

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Hollywood has made our childhood special by giving us some of our favorite shows that we love to watch even today. Likewise, the industry has given us many talented child actors. One such name that dominated the industry in the 1990s and early 2000s was Orlando Brown.

If you know him already, you have had an amazing childhood. For the unversed, Orlando Brown has acted in one of the most sought-after shows in the industry. He succeeded as a child star with the portrayal of different characters in the series, such as Wayne Head, Family Matters, Safe Habour, and more. The most loved character played by him was Eddie Thomas in the show That’s So Raven.

Coming to his personal life, there had been several ups and downs. So, who is Orlando Brown married to? Here’s everything to know.

Who is Orlando Brown?

Orlando Brown is a famous American actor, rapper, and singer who has more than 50 acting credits in his name. He was born on the 4th of December, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA. As of now, he is 35 years old. Brown’s acting career began in 1995 as a child artist, and there has been no stopping for him since then.

Who is Orlando Brown’s Wife?

As per sources, Orlando Brown is married to Danielle Brown. The couple exchanged vows in 2020, and their love has blossomed ever since despite the several bumps on the road.

While Danielle enjoys celebrity status inside and outside the industry, his wife begs to differ. Reportedly, Danielle likes to maintain a low profile. Thus, she values her privacy and avoids the public eye. Her preference for maintaining a quiet life only increases curiosity for Brown’s fans.

While Danielle’s birthdate remains unknown, it is believed that she may be between 30-35 years. The duo have been married for two years now.

Orlando Brown’s Has Been Involved in a Domestic Violence Controversy

Brown has always been very romantic towards his relationship with his wife. At least, this is what all his fans could speculate from his official Instagram account. However, they were shocked to learn that there have been allegations of domestic violence surrounding him.

Reportedly, Orlando Brown was arrested in December 2022 in Ohio for misdemeanor domestic violence by threat. The incident involved several accusations made by Brown against a relative named Matthew. He claimed that Brown assaulted his wife.

The details of this incident remain unclear, and Brown did not comment on it after that.

Does Orlando Brown Have Kids with His Wife Danielle?

Reportedly, Orlando is the father of two kids. He has a son, Frankie, with his wife Danielle. The actor allegedly has another son, Hunter Duke Brown, with his ex-girlfriend, Omena Alexandria. As per some sources, Brown’s ex-girlfriend welcomed this child on the 4th of December, 2016. However, he straightforwardly denied the child was his.

Frankie was born on the 13th of May, 2020. In another happy news, Orlando and Daniella are about to play their second innings as parents, as the latter is five months pregnant.

Despite Danielle’s preference for a low-profile existence, she has been instrumental in Brown’s life, offering strong love and support. Their journey has captivated many fans, and we can only hope for them to continue living their life with happiness and success. Danielle remains an enigmatic figure in offering a foundation for the Brown family while staying away from the public eye. They have overcome many hurdles together and forged a love story that will stand the test of time.

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