Who is Rachel Garrison in Ozark?

Ozark has been one of the most popular crime-drama series on Netflix. In the second part of its fourth and final season, a face from the past pops up to give Ruth Langmore a helping hand with her hostile takeover of the Missouri Belle. That helping hand is none other than Rachel Garrison.

Throughout the series, Rachel has played a vital role before upping sticks and finally exiting the show’s second chapter. Her exit made many fans sad.

Want to know more about Rachel Garrison in Ozark? Here are the details.

When Did Ozark Get Launched on Netflix?

Ozark is a Netflix original series. The American crime drama has been created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The makers released its first season on the 21st of July with ten episodes, after which three more seasons were also released. The show revolves around a financial advisor Martin aka Marty. He is stuck in laundering the money of a big criminal and a Mexican drug cartel and relocates to the Ozarks.


It received positive feedback from the critics and audience and became a huge success in viewership.

Who Plays Rachel Garrison in Ozark?

One of the vital characters in Ozark is Rachel Garrison. She is played by actress Jordana Spiro. Interestingly, Rachel is the biggest role that the actress has landed in her career as of now.

Jordana has been a part of other shows too. She appeared as one of the leads on The Huntress from 2000 to 2001. She also played the lead for four seasons of the TBS comedy, My Boys, which was a before-its-time hybrid of the current popular shows – New Girl and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Besides television, Jordana has been a part of some movies where she has made a small but notable mark. In 2021, she appeared in Small Engine Repair alongside Jon Bernthal and Shea Whingham. She was also a part of all three Fear Street movies that debuted on Netflix.

Jordana took the backseat for her directorial debut movie called Night Comes On. Currently, she is set to star in Vegas High and has many other promising projects in the pipeline.

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Rachel Garrison in Ozark

In the show, Rachel is the former owner of the Blue Cat Lodge. When Marty first arrives in the Ozarks, he visits all the local businesses, including hers, and offers investment and insight to increase footfall and boost profits.

After accepting Marty’s offer, Rachel makes changes in her business, including hiring Ruth as a dishwasher. Their initial interactions are frosty; however, with time, they soften to each other. Rachel’s business has fallen under the control of the cartel, and she eventually discovers that Marty was cooking the books after digging into Blue Cat’s accounts, which also makes her furious.

She asks Marty to leave, but he refuses. If he walked away, he would incur the wrath of the cartel and invite life threats for himself and his family. The only saving option here is for him to continue the current operation. A short time later, Rachel uncovers $100,000 in cash that has been squirreled away by the Byrdes in a nearby property. She initially leaves it, but when a member of the cartel arrives at the bar looking for Marty, she takes that amount as her cue to run.

Rachel Appeared Again

The next time Rachel appears is in jail after getting caught driving under the influence. FBI Agent Petty, who has been working undercover on the Byrde case, orders Rachel to return to the Ozarks to snoop on Marty. If she refuses, he threatens to have her imprisoned for life. Rachel has no other alternative but to accept the proposal. She now heads back to the Blue Cat.

Suspicious about the timing of her return, Wendy confronts her and demands to know why she has reappeared at the exact moment Marty’s businesses are being squeezed. From this point onwards, she is forced to wear a wire during her interactions with Marty. On the other hand, Petty encourages her to seduce him to extract a confession. The couple engages in several intimate moments only to fall in love with each other.

Rachel also attempts to get friendlier with Marty’s inner circle, including his daughter Charlotte; however, the latter always keeps her distance. Following a series of events and a strong bond between the two, Rachel confesses to Marty about wearing a wire. But Marty barely blinks, given his suspicions.

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Whose Team is Rachel On?

During covert meetings with Petty, he would supply Rachel with OxyContin to keep her sweet. But her addiction later proves to be his downfall. When her supply starts to run low, she is forced to seek her fix from elsewhere, acquiring the cartel’s heroin that originated from the Snell’s farm. But Darlene has laced the batch with Fentanyl, leaving Rachel overdosed.

Next, she is wounded up in the hospital, where she is greeted by Petty and informed that she will be detained as a punishment for abusing his orders. But Rachel manages to escape his clutches with Marty’s help. He sends cartel hitman, Nelson, to visit Petty’s mother and supply her with drugs. He records the video and shares it with Petty, who then orders the agent to release Rachel and drop all the charges on her. Rachel finally sets free.

The Love Angle

Marty then buys Rachel a plane ticket to Miami, where he had also paid for her to attend a rehab clinic. He also transfers all the money to Rachel’s account. The duo shares one last kiss before parting ways. But thanks to Ruth, they are reunited.

Given that Rachel is seemingly out to destroy the Byrdes, both for her friend and her own grievances, Marty regrets showing good faith!

Has Rachel Been a Part of Ozark Season 4 Part 2?

Things are not over for Rachel and Marty. Ruth tracks down Rachel in Miami in the fourth episode of season 4, part 2, and asks her to join her as a partner in taking over the Byrdes’ casino. Despite initial doubts, Rachel returns to the Ozarks and reunites with the Bydres. Marty is surprised, and Wendy is displeased.

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While Wendy rejects the pair’s offer to take over the casino, Ruth learns that she has inherited Darlene Snell’s shares as a result of being the heir to Wyatt Langmore’s estate. Ruth and Rachel visit Charles Wilkes and offer to buy his casino shares in the latter’s name, and he agrees on a way to get back to Byres. He also agrees to help Ruth remove her criminal record with the help of a judge to get a gambling license.

Soon after, the Byrdes discover that it puts Ruth and Rachel in majority control of the casino. Ruth is adamant that the casino will be clean and not launder money from the Navarro drug cartel. Nelson follows her in response until she visits a police station and heads to Ruth’s trailer park, where Rachel stays with her.

Ruth manages to call and warn Rachel that he is coming, and the latter heads to the trailer roof before shooting Nelson with a rifle. They bury his body under where cement is being laid in the planned swimming pool on the Langmore property. Rachel is shaken by killing Nelson, but Ruth helps her realize it is necessary, and she can move on from this.

The duo attends a meeting with the Byrdes, the Navarro cartel, and the FBI to finalize an agreement, with the FBI sanctioning the money laundering in the casino to which they agree. However, Ruth adamantly forces the FBI to apologize to Rachel for Petty’s treatment and for getting her addicted to drugs. Rachel accepts the apology.

Rachel last appears working at the casino at the Byrde Foundation and saying goodbye to Ruth before she leaves for the last time.

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