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Who Is Shane from 'Claim to Fame' Related To? A Closer Investigation

Who Is Shane from ‘Claim to Fame’ Related To? A Closer Investigation

Step aside Sherlock Holmes! This season, I will be doing my darnedest to figure out the secret identities of the Claim to Fame contestants. The show’s premise is simple enough: eleven contestants enter a Hollywood mansion, each is related to an A-list celebrity. The person who can keep their relative’s identity a secret the longest wins!

As I’m watching along each week, I’ll be attempting to piece together the clues and determine the relative of each contestant, cataloging the information we learn along the way. Spoilers for all episodes that have aired. Here’s everything we have learned about Shane and my predictions:


Episode 1 clues

Two truths and a lie:

My celebrity relative is my: COUSIN
My celebrity relative is best known for being an: ACTOR
The biggest award my celebrity relative has won: OSCAR

Otherwise we didn’t get much from Shane other than that he is definitely NOT related to Forest Whitaker.

The other contestants’ best guesses

Forest Whitaker

Bianca guessed that Shane was related to Forest Whitaker and was sent home for that guess being incorrect. The remaining contestants will have to go back to the drawing board with their guesses now.

Parade ‘s prediction for celebrity relative

Denzel Washington
Viola Davis
Issa Rae
Michael B. Jordan

Oh Shane and his chicken wing necklace. I think his relative must be an actor, but we could have someone who isn’t his cousin like Denzel Washington or Viola Davis . It could also be a cousin who hasn’t won an Oscar like Issa Rae or Michael B. Jordan .

Claim to Fame airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Parade