Who is the most wanted The Office actor on Cameo

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The Office is one of the series that every streaming platform dreams of. In the United States it was among the most viewed of Netflix for a long time, and in Latin America, hand in hand with Amazon Prime Video, made many enjoy it again and others both met it for the first time. The comedy that he headlined Steve Carell It is one of the most flattered by critics and fans, to the point that one of its figures became the highest paid artist of an important application.

A greeting from Sean Astin costs $ 175. (IMDb)

In recent times, thanks to social networks, the followers of certain series and movies were able to have a closer contact with their favorite artists. However, from the hand of Cameo this gained a new level. The service in which figures such as those of Brian Cox (Succession), Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle) O Sean Astin (The Lord of the rings) offers personalized greetings for which you can pay an average of $ 150.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the highest paid star of the entire application is one of the central figures of The Office. Is about Brian Baumgartner, Kevin Malone in the comedy of Greg Daniels, who exceeded one million dollars raised through this platform. The artist charges $ 195 per message and is on Cameo since 2019. “People wanted to connect. It’s not about me”, said Baumgartner in relation to the escape many sought during the pandemic.

Steven Galanis, CEO of the platform, was in charge of unveiling the record set by Brian Baumgartner. “I am the person that unites two people”, assured the actor about what it means for him to give personalized greetings to fans. The actor was part of almost 200 episodes of The Office, between 2005 and 2013.

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Where you can see The Office

Currently, The Office is part of the catalog of Amazon Prime Video in Latin America, where it still does not have a departure date but some speculate with the agreement between NBCUniversal and Amazon is over. In Spain, for example, the series will reach Netflix on October 23, and the same could happen in this region where it has already been confirmed that Seinfeld he leaped from one platform to the other.

In the U.S, The Office looks through Peacock, service streaming from NBCUniversal, owner of the rights to this production. At the moment there is no arrival date for this platform in Latin America, so this could also reassure fans that they will surely continue to see it on Prime Video for a while longer, and it won’t happen to them as with Friends, who had to make the leap to HBO Max once the landing of this service was confirmed, at the end of June.

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