Who is Tomi Narbondo: everything you need to know about the Uruguayan model of “This is War”

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Something that we are used to “This is war”Is that at the beginning of each season he likes to surprise the audience with the presentation of its members, and although several are characters who were in previous installments, we also witness the incorporation of new faces, as happened in January of this 2021 when we saw entering the reality to the Uruguayan model Tomi Narbondo.

Since entering the competition, the young man has made a name for himself in this television space, which has led him to have a large number of followers. Although, he has been in Peru for more than half a year receiving the affection and support of the public, recently had some problems with the authorities for not having a work permit to work in our country, for which he was summoned, but by not having attended the police call, he runs the risk of being deported.

After knowing his condition, the reality boy, who stopped attending the program, used his social networks to thank his fans and assured that he will be back soon, while indicating that he has been focusing on his career as an artist. “I am working on my music. I hope you like what is coming and support me “.

As a result of the commotion that this news has caused, we will tell you everything you need to know about this boy who was accused of gender violence in his country.

Tomi Narbondo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 31, 1994 and is currently 26 years old. When he was in higher education, he liked physical education, because in addition to music, what he really loved was soccer.

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The young man said that the band was formed by a group of college friends and as they required more people for some instruments, they were completed with boys from another group of their friend Fer Vásquez, the vocalist.

Tomi Narbondo told when they formed the group, he did not know how to play an instrument. “We were at a barbecue when all this Rombai came out. Half that nobody knew how to play, one said I play the keyboard, and I said I played the drums because I accompanied Fer when he sang in another band and the instrument caught my attention. Later I was learning “, he pointed out in an interview to from El País de Uruguay.

When he was in the group, he also continued with football, but had to choose between the two. “I started studying physical education this year [2015] and in the second month I saw that Rombai could become something important, so I played it and left the studio. I used to play in the University League (…), I had to leave it because the games are on weekends and I couldn’t play ”, he indicated to the same medium.

After several months with the group, Narbondo was retired in 2015, although the exact reasons for his expectoration were never known. He only managed to point out that he had made a mistake with the leader of the band, Fer Vázquez. In the end, they discussed it and the decision was made.

While he was away from the stage, he dabbled in the world of modeling. He worked at the Valentino agency in Uruguay and also met with agencies in Argentina.

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In 2017, he joined Dame 5, a new band created by his friend Fer Vásquez who is dedicated to cumbia cheta or cumbia pop, which was also successful.

A report from “Magaly TV La Firma” revealed that Tomi Narbondo was accused of gender violence by his ex-partner, the Argentine model Macarena Herrera, who pointed out that the reality boy told him that he was bipolar and was medicated. “He has fits of anger, he is very violent, he has pushed me, pulled my hair, he shows himself to be very good. His fits of anger are of physical violence “the girl said.

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