Who is Venom, what is the Spider-Man relationship and why are they enemies?

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Venom: There Will Be Carnage comes this October 15th to cinemas throughout Spain. The second film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is giving a lot to talk about, especially because of the revelations that take place at the end of it (we will not say anything about it). Newcomers may not know what is the relationship between the Symbiote and Spider-Man, a relationship that goes back to the world of comics and that has left us unforgettable moments in both The Amazing: Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man.

The origin of Venom and his relationship with Spider-Man: the arachnid power

The first possessor of the Venom symbiote was not Eddie Brock, but Peter Parker (The Amazing: Spider-Man # 252). The origins of this being can be traced back to a symbiote race on the planet Klyntar. It is in the young photographer that a twisted deformation of Spiderman, which proved fatal to his personality, his behavior and his thoughts. Peter managed to get rid of the symbiote, a dangerous extraterrestrial being that would later incarnate in Eddie Brock. This merger would result in a character popularly adored by fans for his status as an antihero and supervillain in the universe of the universe. tremamuros.

Venom debuts in Marvel comics as Venom (not as an alien or symbiote) over there 1988. Is in The Amazing: Spider-Man # 299 when, aside from his first appearances as a recognizable character, he appears terrorizing Mary Jane Watson (Peter Parker’s wife). This is how the # 3000 arc began in May 1988. Eddie Brock, holder of the symbiote, is a former reporter for the Daily Globe and suffers a very difficult time on a personal level.

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Why does Eddie Brock hate Peter Parker?

The reason why Eddie Brock had a relationship of animosity and anger against Peter Parker takes place before the appearance of Venom in Brock’s life. Eddie was a journalist reported for misreporting the identity of the Sin-Eater killer.. This is where the figure of Peter Parker comes into play, who did manage to find the correct version of that journalistic story. As a result, Brock is fired, struck down, and falls into a deep depression. Due to different circumstances, the symbiote enters the life of an Eddie Brock who would become, as you can imagine, the new possessor of Venom.

An extraordinary power; one of the audience’s favorite characters

Thus, what was initially an evil Spider-Man costume, a complete blow to the character’s world by showing the dark side of the Spiderman, ended up becoming a supervillain with entity, personality and charisma.

Venom’s powers They go from being undetectable to Spider-Man’s arachnid sense to the ability to copy the powers of any character. It is an alien with the ability to self-generate its defenses, which exponentially increases its dangerousness.

All in all, Venom is one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Universe. So much so that we have seen it in comics, video games and movies. This October 15 we can check in our own meats whether or not this sequel to the original 2018 film has improved or not.


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