Who is Victoria Abril, the contestant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’?

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Victoria Abril has become one of the Spanish actresses with a wide international career. Born in Malaga in 1959, her passion for art has taken root since she was little, a time when she became interested in dance and studied classical ballet. However, it was not until she was 15 years old that she oriented her professional career to the cinematographic world, debuting as an actress in the film ‘Obsesión’, by Francisco Lara Polop.

Between 1976 and 1978, the Malaga woman became very popular when she became a hostess in the contest ‘One, two, three … answer again’, devised by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador for Televisión Española. Numerous projects have crowned Victoria Abril’s professional career over the years, reaching across borders in many countries around the world.


What’s more, works regularly in Italy and especially in France, being a candidate for the ‘César Prize’ on two occasions and establishing her residence there. Years and projects with which he created one of the most brilliant acting careers in Spanish cinema, in which directors such as Mario Camus, Jaime Chávarri, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Pedro Almodóvar and Carlos Saura have a place.

Also, his talent and professionalism has been awarded with numerous decorations such as a Silver Shell for best actress at the San Sebastian Festival. In addition, he has also received for his work in ‘Lovers’ the equivalent of the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and she has been a candidate nine times (six consecutive) for the Goya Award.

However, his leap to Hollywood with Barry Levinson’s film ‘Jimmy Hollywood’ did not achieve the expected success. Despite this, Victoria Abril has continued to add milestones to her career, currently joining RTVE’s culinary challenge with the ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ program.

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