Who is Wisdom, the oldest bird in the world that just hatched an egg

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An extremely shocking news went around the world: the longest-lived bird in the world he has just hatched a chick in his 70s. Is about Wisdom, who also has another record: he broke with the scientific theory that albatros They only live to be 40 years old and have already accumulated seven decades of life.

Without a doubt, the life of this specimen is an event. According to international media reports, he has been surprising biologists and users of social networks who find out about his life story for some time.

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It is about the oldest wild bird in the world, an albatross of Laysan (Hawái) called Wisdom, which biologists first identified and banded in 1956. Now it is at least 70 years old and has just hatched another chick, breaking all scientific forecasts for its species.

This type of bird only incubates one egg every few years. The Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that Wisdom it has incubated between 30 and 36 young during its life.

How Long Do Birds Live as Wisdom

While captive cockatoos live for approximately 100 years, this situation is relatively difficult in wild birds. Studies on the subject assure that the probability that this type of species will live for more than seven decades is extremely low since they are exposed to food shortages, predators, plastic waste that they can ingest, among others.

Wisdom’s story

As it turned out, the first to make contact with Wisdom it was the biologist Chandler Robbins, who picked up this elderly bird in 1956 upon finding its nest near a US Navy base on the atoll of Midway.

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In this place lives the largest colony of albatros of the world and there he spent a large part of his life Wisdom, the animal that broke the schemes and struggled to survive to this day.

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“Every year that Wisdom come back, we learn more about how long seabirds can live and raise their chicks ”, were the statements he made to the environment NPR, the doctor Beth Flint of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

The specialist pointed out: “It helps us better understand how we can protect these seabirds and the habitat they need to survive in the future.”

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