Who is Zuria Vega from La Venganza de las Juanas, the series that dethrons The Squid Game on Netflix

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The Squid Game knew how to establish itself as the most watched series of Netflix globally. However, a recently released fiction begins to occupy its place in many of the countries of the world: The Revenge of the Juanas. Produced by Lemon Studios, this first season works as an adaptation of Las Juanas, the Colombian soap opera written by Bernardo Romero Pereiro. And probably one of the keys to its success has to do with its cast.

Zuria Vega, Renata Notni, Oka Giner, Juanita Arias and Sofía Engberg They bring to life five women with the same birthmark who set out to unravel the truth about their past and discover a tragic web of lies spun by a powerful character. The first of them was one of the figures who summoned the subscribers of the streaming platform to enjoy these 18 episodes. But … who is she really?

Born in Mexico City 32 years ago, the actress rose to fame in the first place thanks to her family: her father is Gonzalo vega, his mother is Leonora Sisto and his brothers are Marimar and Gonzalo Vega. In the home of artists, his beginnings were privileged since he was able to get involved in productions as an extra or with small participations. But in his teens, thanks to his talent and effort, he obtained a place among Mexican celebrities.

On TV, stood out notably and from the 2007 to date, there was not a single year in which he did not carry out a television project. Among them, stood out SOS: Sex and other secrets, Soul of iron, Sea of ​​love, Killer women, A refuge for love, How poor are so rich and My husband has a family. For each of the shows, he received a large number of nominations and distinctions, of which he accumulates a TVyNovela Award, a People en Español Award, a Bravo Award, a Silver Goddesses and a Journalists Association Award, all in respect of revelation.

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On the other hand, she knew how to show that she is an all-terrain actress: in who stood out with his roles in Without her and In good and bad, while in theater he starred in works such as Without cure, bed for two, The Bonobos and Fierce. However, Zuria Vega knows very well how to change her chip and automatically put herself in another role. This was demonstrated on the skin of Joanna manny on The Revenge of the Juanas and will surely continue to do so next.

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