Who Killed Sara ?: Netflix confirmed if it beat La Casa de Papel in audience

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Who Killed Sara ?: Netflix confirmed if it beat La Casa de Papel in audience

Who Killed Sara? it was among Netflix’s big reveals in the first half of the year. The Mexican series reached the catalog in March and little by little it fell in love with fans from all over the world. So much so that his first season was a hit with the audience. and the second started so well that it was shaping up to outperform events like La Casa de Papel or Lupine as the most watched non-English speaking programs. This Wednesday, the platform finally shared its official numbers. How did they look?

Episodes initials of the drama created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela harvested 55 million views in the first 28 days of its launch and it was very close to the record held by LCDP. The Spanish phenomenon garnered 65 million viewers thanks to the launch of its fourth season. Therefore, before a great start that the second part of Who Killed Sara? everything was given to exceed those figures.

However, in a shareholder letter to which Deadline agreed, Netflix confirmed the final numbers of all its productions for the second quarter of 2021 and included the Mexican hit. To the disappointment of the fans, the audience for the last chapters were far from breaking even their own mark: raised 34 million in the first four weeks.

In this way, the Mexican production had a great performance, but it was not enough to become the most watched non-English speaking series in history. That privileged place is not occupied by La Casa de Papel either because Lupine surpassed the 76 million views with its first season in January.

The particularity of this data is that Netflix only publishes measurements in its first 28 days of launch and counts the content as complete viewed after two minutes. Nor is it very common to give the figures and He even started sharing some of them in recent years.

The most viewed non-spoken ingesa series in Netflix history?

3-Who killed Sara?

2-The Paper House



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