WHO opposes mandatory coronavirus vaccination

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The World Health Organization (WHO) announced this Friday that does not adhere to the obligation of vaccination against the coronavirus in any country, although it does defend the importance who has immunization.

Due to the outbreak of infections by the Delta variant and the slowdown in inoculation, several countries opted for this type of measure for some sectors of the population, mainly health personnel or state employees. This was the case with Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

However, the WHO marked its position by stating that it “opposes any mandatory vaccination”, although it does “How they work should be explained to the general population vaccines, and how important they are, “said the organization’s spokeswoman at a press conference Fadela Chaib.

In addition, he stressed that immunizers are only “one of the various tools that we have in our hands ”, as WHO experts reiterated that vaccines are not enough in the fight against coronavirus and must be combined with measures to stop infections.

Italy it was the first country to force its health workers to be immunized, as well as its teachers. Meanwhile in France Doctors should also give the injection. While in UK and Greece nursing home employees must be inoculated if they want to continue working.

At the same time United States joined this measure at the end of last July, forcing federal workers to be vaccinated, while several companies in the country such as the Morgan Stanley bank and the luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue made the same decision for their workers.

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In this sense, the news chain CNN laid off three employees for violating internal coronavirus policy by going to the office without getting vaccinated.

On the other hand, WHO has not officially declared Covid-19 an “endemic infection”, how publications in the social media after the presentation of scientific investigations that consider that SARS-CoV-2 could not disappear. Nor are more massive waves of contagions contemplated for that reason. In fact, scientific research predicts that the coronavirus lose strength if it becomes endemic.

Consulted by the Spanish news agency EFE, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), affiliate in America of the WHO, denied via email the veracity of this alleged news and described it as “false information”. “The WHO did not declare that Covid-19 is an endemic infection,” said the health entity in its message.

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