Who Plays Faye in ‘Euphoria’? Everything You Need to Know

Who Plays Faye in 'Euphoria'? She's Already a Star

The second season of Euphoria has come to an end, after more than two years of waiting and two special chapters that served to calm us, just right, the monkey. We have already told you what we thought of the first chapter of the T2 of Euphoria (spoiler, great), but now we want to look at a small detail that is not going unnoticed.

The first chapter of the season uses a New Year’s party to re-engage each and every one of the main protagonists, to their current state. However, it begins with the flashback of one of the main ones left without introduction, Fez. The life of Rue’s camel, Angus Cloud, began with a shooting at a strip club and continued with a childhood of drug trafficking by the hand of a grandmother who, now in cerebral palsy, must take care of. It’s a hard life, the hardest of all the young people in the series, and all of them are traumatized. Fez lives surrounded by violence and will take out the monster that has been put inside him to close the chapter with a whole moment of shock. But going back to the beginning, after his flashback, the series takes him and Rue making deals with some very dangerous drug traffickers, who turn the beginning of the season into a whole sequence of horror cinema, or a very adult thriller.

Who Plays Faye On 'Euphoria'? Chloe Cherry Is A Prolific Porn Actor

However, there is a dramatic figure that has not gone unnoticed in networks and that is that he robs Zendaya of his first scene this season, where he already wears his “Emmy Winner”. We are talking about Faye, the junkie and girlfriend of fez’s camel friend who, we are told, was a teacher before getting hooked. Now we see her so high that she doesn’t even know it’s New Year’s because “her boyfriend doesn’t tell her anything.” It is a good way out, a joke that, in fact, closed the trailer of this new season of the series. But to see her in that state, injecting heroin into her groin or being stripped naked by camels in search of mics is also a warning to Rue, a vision of her future as she does not stop in time. It is a very gloomy joke, one that rounds off this spectacular opening sequence and we owe it to none other than Chloe Cherry, a porn actress who has made her debut in the mainstream no less than before the superstar of the moment, Zendaya, and has emerged triumphant.

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According to IAFD, the IMDB of adult films, Cherry has 24 has been in the industry since 2015, that is, since the age of 18. It has 600 credits in this industry and Euphoria, this time according to IMDB, is nothing less than its debut in the audiovisual, let’s say, conventional. However, there are many who ask to see this strange yonki again, for some hilarious, for others are gloomily credible.

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We have also seen her with the rest of the cast in the making-of of chapter 2, where she remembers that it was Levison himself who contacted her through his agent to see if he could make a casting for the series. For the rest, although he says that he studied even how those hooked on heroin spoke, he says that it was not difficult for him to adapt to the character and that everything was shot and to the liking of the creator of the series, despite the initial pressure he felt.