Who votes and chooses the nominated games and the winner of the GOTY at The Game Awards?

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The Game Awards is getting closer and closer. The awards gala with the greatest global popularity is held during the early hours of this December 10, from 02:00 (CET) in the morning from Thursday to Friday, and it will be then when we know which game is chosen Game of the Year O Game of the Year (GOTY). Not surprisingly, many users wonder if it is Geoff Keighley who chooses the nominees in each category. The answer is no. We explain who votes in The Game Awards, who chooses the nominated games and the consequent award winners.

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Methodology: how The Game Awards works | Nominations

The Game Awards has a Jury made up of 103 media specialized in videogames and a selection of influencers of all the world. In that hundred national and international headers is MeriStation, which, like the rest of the selected ones, receives a few weeks before the event a list of categories in which the nominees must be proposed (generally five or six per category).

Once that list is completed, the newsrooms send their postulates back to Geoff Keighley’s organization. nominees, which must be video games published between December 2020 and November 19, 2021 in the case of the 2021 edition.

Then, once the votes are tallied, The Game Awards makes the nominees public. It is time to choose the winners.

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Next step: choosing the winners of The Game Awards

Who chooses the winners? The next step is similar, but not identical. Once again, with a specified period of time, The Game Awards gets back in touch with the editorial offices and influencers for the WINNERS of each category to be chosen.

Depending on each newsroom, it is possible that in some media only the editor-in-chief will vote; let a selection of editors vote or even collaborators vote. The procedure is governed by the editorial criteria of each medium.

  • The votes of media specialized and influencers represents him 90% of the total score.
  • The public represents the 10% remaining of the score.
  • The sum of both determines exactly which games are chosen winners in each of The Game Awards categories.

There is an exception in one category, the Player’s Voice that the popular Ghost of Tsushima won last 2020. This award is chosen exclusively by the public and consists of three elimination rounds. You can vote here until December 8.


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