Who was Eric Rohan Justin? Known as EricJustin111

Eric Rohan Justin

You wake up at 4:30 to find a stranger at your door, or more accurately, blasting your door open with a shotgun. Our breath was taken away, like something out of a criminal drama. Ava Majury, a popular performer on the video-sharing platform TikTok, was recently threatened by a stalker (yes, Eric Rohan Justin) who came dangerously close to shooting her.

The TikTok sensation Ava Majury has amassed 1.2 million fans. So far, 57 million people have liked her videos. After the global pandemic, Ava joined the platform at 13.

While her dance videos made her famous, lip-sync and TikTok challenges are also quite popular. 311k people follow her on Instagram, and she also has a YouTube channel. On Thursday, a news video headlined “TikTok star Ava Majury Discovers the Dark Side of Fame” went viral after it detailed her terrifying experience.

Precisely who is Eric Rohan Justin, also known as EricJustin111?

Ava Majury downloaded TikTok when she was 13 years old, and a year later, at the peak of the pandemic lockdowns, she had well over a million followers. Over three-quarters of her fans, all guys saw her lip sync and dance to popular songs on a record with the profile subtitle ” Hey, I like you. An accepted Justin’s coworker messaged her about following and spying on her, and eventually, she had to leave school because of him.

While he smashed the front door open to Ava’s house, her father chased after him, went inside to retrieve a revolver, and waited for the cops at the front door. Explain who Eric Rohan Justin is. Majury Ava Perpetrator Killed Through TikTok Rohan, Eric. EricJustin111, better known as Justin, followed the efforts of Ava Majury to become a viral sensation on TikTok. He messaged her on Snapchat and Instagram and popped up in the online games she and her family enjoyed together.

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She discovered that someone using the alias EricJustin111 had made multiple attempts to contact her via various social media platforms. She said that she first responded to him several times because it was how she dealt with her many admirers.

Later, she discovered that Justin had been sharing photos of her and her phone number with his friends in New Jersey and Florida. After that, Ava allegedly convinced her parents to let her sell the man Snapchat screenshots of her face that she had previously uploaded.

Then Justin added her Venmo, asking for foot and “goods images,” and she blocked him. After sending Ava’s father a message requesting him to cease contacting his daughter, Justin sent a series of disruptive messages to one of Ava’s associates, eventually attacking her.

He walked up to the front door of the Majury residence in Naples, Florida, armed with a gun, and shot it right open. Rob Majury, Ava’s father and a former police officer, pursued him out of the station, but not before his firearm jammed. Collier County law enforcement reported that Mr. Majury returned to the residence, armed himself, and stood guard at the front door, only to have the gunman return moments later.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Majury “terminated when the boy aimed the gun at him rather than dropping it” whenever Justin returned. EricJustin111, as EricRohanJustin, is Eric Rohan Justin. Age and Parentage EricJustin111, also known as EricRohanJustin, is an 18-year-old man whose actual birthday is unknown.

Being a relatively unknown Tiktoker Ava enthusiast of his youth, his nuanced views have yet to be widely reported. Hence, the media still needs to be able to unearth his family’s true personalities. His loved ones had to be devastated by what their child was attempting, and they had to suffer the loss of a child at such a little age.

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Because of the public interest in the case, authorities may retain his personal information for safety reasons. Justin Instagram Eric Rohan As @ericjustin111, Eric Rohan Justin can be found on Instagram. Yet, it is unclear if Ava Majury is a legit TikTok stalker.

If that’s his official ID, he has 365 fans but never posted anything, suggesting his profile is phony. He was also supposed to be very active on Snapchat and Tiktok, but no identification was ever located for him.

Someone in his immediate family or a close friend may have deleted his social media profiles.

Just what happened to Eric Rohan Justin?

According to the Majury family, Justin “blew open” the front door, but his gun jammed. Rob Majury, Ava’s father and a retired police lieutenant, chased him away but fell. Rob is 51 years old. Afterward, he informed the cops that he’d gone back inside to get his gun.

The father waited at the door of the house, guarding it, for Justin to return. A short while later, the armed man returned, and Rob told the teenager to put down his weapon. Rob shot Justin when he pointed the gun at him instead. Majury shot the online stalker, resulting in the man’s death.

Do we still have Ava Majury on TikTok?

As of 2019, the Majury family had already relocated from New Jersey to Florida. According to The New York Times article, young person still uses the service. Reports claim Ava has earned “thousands of dollars in endorsement deals” on TikTok. Both Hollywood and reality TV producers are interested in her narrative. The popularity she acquired on TikTok has spread to other platforms.

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Ava’s popularity on social media has led to endorsement opportunities. Her father told the New York Times, “Her creations, her contacts, and her films were so huge a part of her that taking it away would have been hard.” 


After showing up at the teen’s house with a gun, the stalker was shot dead by the teen’s father. Eric Rohan, the fanatic Following his death outside the Naples, Florida, house of online personality Ava Majury, 18-year-old Justin’s phone was found to contain thousands of images of Ava.

The Daily Star stated that the scary incident began when a guy armed with a weapon blasted open the front door in his search for Ava. Her father, Rob Majury, 51, a retired policeman, chased him away, but when he returned with a gun, he was shot dead. After weeks of Rohan Justin’s unwanted attention, after she joined the online video network in 2020, she finally took action.

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